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a quick wash

every once in awhile i take “ownership” of our vehicle. i clean out the clutter. and i run it through the car wash. for the first time, about two weeks ago, i took the car through the local car wash WITH THE KIDS inside. alex was NOT a fan, but since she’s directly behind the driver’s seat, i have no photos of her pouty lip. the other kids, however, had mixed reactions of confusion, joy and fear.



unrelated to that, there’s a little girl in this house who isn’t mobile yet. not crawling and not walking. and while she can roll, she doesn’t really do it to get to other places. that said, she has STRONG legs and she LOVES to stand and she loves to jump. she can also scoot (usually backwards) and SOMETIMES she’ll push herself up onto her knees and she’ll rock back and forth. crawling can’t be that far away!

but more often that not, she just ends up “carpet swimming.” silly girl.

the beginning of another week

happy monday morning! it’s the start of another week and i DID get up this morning to go walking with Karla…. woo hoo! and the kids are still asleep (though they should be up soon)…. woo hoo again!

for a quick update on my TO DO list from last week:

I completed the following:
- receipts organized

- mailed  Ali’s baby shower package (and the shower isn’t until the 27th!)

- ordered photos from Costco (for thank yous)

- walk with Karla on M&W

- dinner out with friends on Tuesday

- spend time at The Fair on Friday


here’s what i PARTIALLY completed:

- i worked 2.1 hours for my grown up job (my goal was 3 hours)

- ordered the PHOTOS to put on the thank you cards for Davey & Alex’s birthday presents


here’s what i did NOT complete
- Zumba on Saturday (i got a crown last week on monday and have had a LOT of pain this week related to that sucker. it’s only my temporary so hopefully when i get the permanent one next week it won’t be so bad. anyway, i woke up too early & in a lot of pain on saturday and dave got up too late for me to rush to class)


and, as usual, i did lots of “extra” projects:

- some more spray painting

- lots more felties for the fall craft shows – 20+ birds stitched and i have over 25 cupcakes to cut out)

- new necklace display board created

- 13 new necklaces made (prepped, cleaned, packaged AND DELIVERED to my local consignment location)

- ORGANIZED my supplies so i can FIND what i have and what i need to work on a project (this does NOT include the supplies boxed, buried and lost in the storage unit)

- picked 13.25 pounds of blueberries

- picked a few blackberries

- completed my Mary Kay makeover AND sent the photos to Elizabeth!

[isn't his hair awesome?! it's getting a little out of control, but we have to wait until early September for a little trim. i just don't want it to "dread" on it's own. <insert shivers and shudders here!>]


so this week, i’m going to set goals again. but here’s the kicker: i’m including my previously NOT COMPLETED goals. yep. i really am. whew. i feel better now. i hate leaving things incomplete.

1. Make, finish and mail THANK YOU CARDS from Davey

2. Make, finish and mail THANK YOU CARDS from Alex

3. Make, finish and mail THANK YOU CARDS related to our VACATION

4. walk M&W morning (half check already!)

5. Zumba (Tu night and Sa morning)

6. Work night (for the fall craft shows)

7. Perform 3.9 hours of work for Strategic (a new 3 hours and the previously “missed” 0.9 hours)

8. Babysit all day one day (not sure what day yet, but i’ll have my 3 and a 5-yr old and a 3-yr old)

9. Complete etsy listings

10. Finish packaging (and creating!) Susan’s baby gift

[my baby is.... well, you fill in the blank. anything i say will just be cliche!]


NOTE: last week i did, FINALLY, repot and add dirt to my house plants. i HATE and DREAD that task, but it’s done. and i did it on Tuesday morning even. whew!

FAILED “to do” list

even knowing i had to report back to you was NOT enough motivation (or shame!) to make me finish my list last week. sigh. that just means that this week’s list got a LOT longer! double ugh.


what did I NOT finish?

#2. add photos (new and old product) to etsy

#3. add dirt to plants

#9. plan & possibly MAKE a few freezer meals

#10. package several baby gifts


6/10 items successfully completed on a list is still a failing grade (60%). so this week i will FINISH those 4 items (especially since I’m delivering one baby gift tonight) and i will add the following NEW 10 items:


1. organize and calculate receipts for the month of August

2. mail Ali’s package (that’s another one of those above baby gifts i need to “wrap”)

3. order photos (for thank you cards/gifts from our July vacation – i will NOT be ordering ALL of our photos from our trip… that would take me all week just to do that one thing!)

4. design and complete Davey’s THANK YOU birthday cards.

5. design and complete Alex’s THANK YOU birthday cards

6. Walk on Monday (check) and Wednesday

7. Zumba on Saturday (can’t go tonight – fun dinner plans with friends!)

8. Dinner out with friends (tonight – hooray!)

9. go to The Fair (friday!)

10. bill at least 3 hours for my “grown up” job.


i spent yesterday (monday) getting a temporary crown (ugh), finishing 17 felt frogs and 10 felt monkeys , drilling holes in at least 50 scrabble trays, doing 3 loads of laundry, cleaning 3 bathrooms and the kitchen and i don’t know what else. and those few things i just listed add about 5 other things to my “to do” list. i should probably go and get started.


i used to like lists. i think i’m changing my mind……?!

just because

just because she’s so darn cute:

she visited the doctor earlier this week for her one-year well baby check.

-she’s 15 pounds 15.5 ounces (so they wrote “16 pounds” on her chart. that’s the 10th percentile

-she’s 27.5 inches which puts her in the 5th percentile.

-she got FIVE shots and it was AWFUL. HORRIBLE. HORRID. TERRIBLE. thankfully it is all over.



davey had to get FOUR shots a week ago. that was pretty awful, too. but not nearly as bad as alex’s response. then again, davey has the memory of an elephant, so it’s not likely that he’ll forget those shots anytime soon.



thursday involved ERRAND running for the kids and i. including a stop at the new Value Village. davey used some of his birthday money ($6.99 plus tax, to be specific) to buy this:

it’s a cool gears-building set… with a ferris wheel and a merry-go-round and a roller coaster! davey received a set of these gears for Christmas from grandpa&grandma. the set he bought today wasn’t complete (Value Village is like Goodwill or the Salvation Army) but it’s a great (and fun!) addition to the set he already has. i even enjoyed helping them set up the rides!



ADDITIONALLY, i have a new love… Mary Kay tinted lip gloss:

this is “natural.” i also have another color. can’t remember the name of it, though.


and just for fun, my Mary Kay consultant (aka: my dear friend, Elizabeth in Montana) sent me this added bonus:

it’s a make-over kit. i’m going to take before and after photos and send them to Elizabeth and she’s going to enter them into a “contest” of sorts at Mary Kay and there’s no chance I’ll win, but if i do, i get a free trip to NY and money for a new wardrobe… SO FUN, huh? i just want the chance to go visit my brother & sister in law for free. but i won’t win. i don’t win things (well, almost never… and nothing this big). but it’s fun to dream, right? perhaps i’ll even share my before and after photos with you!


10 to dos UPDATE

so i bet you want to know how i’m doing with my TO DO list that i posted earlier this week. it’s 9:32 on thursday evening as i type this. i only have two days left to complete my list. i’m making progress, but i am no where NEAR finished. i have, however, already created a “to do” list to share with you next week. what do you think…. should this become a regular feature here?


so here’s an update:

1. take photos for etsy: i’ve taken some photos but i not all/enough

2. add some new product to etsy and re-add some prior items (my rings all dropped off!): um…. perhaps refer back to #1…. or maybe i’ll list a few things tonight after posting this?!

3. add dirt to plants (re-pot some as needed): there’s a reason i’ve been putting it off for months…. i hate doing it, so NO, it’s not done yet!

4. attend ZUMBA class (tuesday night and maybe saturday morning): Tuesday night: check!  saturday hasn’t happened yet

5. design the felt frog: check! i have to shrink him down a little, but otherwise, here he is:

6. finish necklace tagging & display update at Dutch Mothers (my local consignment location): check & check! it’s my FAVORITE look thus far… it’s a little bit “boutique-y” and it’s EXACTLY the look i’m going for!

7. walk with Karla two mornings (Monday & Wednesday): check!

8. paint some frames/shadow boxes (for fall show products): check! there’s some paint remains on my grass… well, maybe a little more than “some…”

9. plan (and possibly MAKE?) a few freezer meals for several friends who have “recently” had a baby…..: um. i usually do chicken teriyaki. but i haven’t gotten as far as buying the chicken yet.

10. package several baby gifts for the mommies: Christy, Ali, Susan: progress made (baby items gathered and bagged but project NOT complete



in addition to the above items, i’ve done some extras….

- created a few sample infant/toddler headbands:

- ordered more of the above headbands (minus the felties – those are mine!) and they arrived TODAY, so now i have 50 more to make!

- scheduled and participated in “work night” at Karla’s house (to make more stuff for the craft shows this fall)

- ran errands today with ALL THREE CHILDREN (mostly to buy more supplies for my craft show projects)

- made room in the garage for Dave’s car

- dug out baby girl clothing to give to a friend

- dug out maternity clothing to loan to the same friend

- spent over an HOUR doing my “grown up” job but not getting paid b/c i had to simply reinstate my authorization to several programs. sigh.

a little extended family time

dad preached on sunday. sterling, rachel & amity drove up from seattle to hear the sermon and enjoy an afternoon with the rest of us. jeff was working & taryn was out of town, so we were short one sibling/family, but the rest of us had a great time AND enjoyed some DELICIOUS ribs and a FLOURLESS chocolate cake!


i enjoyed watching amity and alex “meet” each other (neither one was aware of the other when they really met back in early march)


alex serious and alex laughing:


who knew sam’s jumping abilities would be such a delight and surprise to family?!


for dad&mom, it was a BIG DEAL day b/c it was the FIRST TIME that they’ve seen ALL FOUR GRANDCHILDREN in ONE ROOM at the SAME TIME. yep. so we had a photo session with several cameras and lots of photos and very few “decent” shots, though in a series, they’d be hilarious!


it was a beautiful day, so some people ate outside. the kids played outside. the adults talked outside. i think summer may FINALLY have arrived here. finally.

(i love that second photo!)


and then we all wandered back inside. and here you go… a 4-year old, an almost 3-year old, a 1-year old and a 6-month old… none of them had a nap… and none of them really wanted to have their photo taken for a “cousins” shot… and none of them liked having 100 photos taken… but i think it was worth it, even though none of the photos are great….


and this sweet little girl… well, perhaps not so little? she looks like a little sumo wrestler with her roly poly thighs (which you can’t see in THESE photos), but she doesn’t weigh much. and her feet are TINY. and she is ADORABLE:


just the GIRL cousins:


but poor AMity definitely has a breaking point… and apparently 100 photos from 4 cameras creates that “breaking point:”


(i love this photo of alex… not sure why)


and sam had a pretty cool braided hair do going on… compliments of ME! PLUS i think sam looks like she’s teaching alex something in this photo…. a tender “big sister” moment:


and i must apologize to my father (in law) for this photo… but i couldn’t NOT include it in this blog post. he is following in the footsteps of his own father (and doing a darn-good job, i think!) by napping while all kinds of commotion is happening in the same room (namely, all the COUSINS photos!)! so dad, i’m sorry. but i had to share it. i know you’ll understand. hopefully.


and that was my glorious sunday afternoon.

10 things to do

you can hold me accountable. some things are fun. some, well, not so much. none are (currently) part of my usual routine. here’s a list of ten things i want need to do this week:

1. take photos for etsy

2. add some new product to etsy and re-add some prior items (my rings all dropped off!)

3. add dirt to plants (re-pot some as needed)

4. attend ZUMBA class (tuesday night and maybe saturday morning)

5. design the felt frog

6. finish necklace tagging & display update at Dutch Mothers (my local consignment location)

7. walk with Karla two mornings (Monday & Wednesday)

8. paint some frames/shadow boxes (for fall show products)

9. plan (and possibly MAKE?) a few freezer meals for several friends who have “recently” had a baby…..

10. package several baby gifts for the mommies: Christy, Ali, Susan

ONE YEAR (back on the 13th)

on july 13, 2011, while we were in Pennsylvania, alexandra daisy sue dunkin celebrated her FIRST BIRTHDAY! i’m still amazed that she’s part of our family. she’s the perfect addition to round out our crazy Munchkins and we now know what we would’ve missed had we ever even CONSIDERED following the “hushed suggestions” of the doctors at Swedish Hospital in Seattle back when I was only 25 weeks pregnant with her!

the following information is based on Alex at one. she is currently one plus 20 days and several answers have changed!


- nicknames: alex, sparky, sparks, sparkle, sparkles, spark-opolis, baby alex, baby girl

- personality: totally chill. almost all the time.

- clothing size: 6-9 months fits best but she wears 6-12 month attire, also

- shoe size: smaller than a 3. she has long, narrow feet.

- diaper size: could easily still wear a 2 but she’s been upgraded to 3s to avoid further “blow outs”

- weight & height – pending appointment with her doctor in a week

that said, i believe she’s just around 15 pounds

- solid food: baby food only; anything else (even 1/4 of a cheerio! or a puff! or a yogurt melt!) makes her gag/choke and then puke

- formula of choice: Gerber Good Start, Gentle formula (orange label)

- bottle or sippy cup? bottle. Avent. she likes to “one-hand” ‘em

- sleeping through the night? PRAISE THE LORD, YES!

- favorite person: mommy

- next favorite people: davey and samantha

- pacifier or thumb? pacifier (i WISH we called it a “paci” but, unfortunately, we call it a “binky”)

side note: she’s using the SAME TWO i purchased when she was born!

- crawling? nope

- walking? nope

- standing on her own? nope. but she LOVES to stand with help or in her exersaucer or the doorway jumper or anywhere else (as long as her bare feet are NOT touching concrete, asphalt or some other hard and “scrape-y” type of surface)

- loves to hang out in her exersaucer OR to sit in the booster seat and OBSERVE everyone

- always liked tummy time. still does. until she starts flailing (we call it “swimming on land”).

- rolling over? yes. finally. took her about 10 months but now she will NOT STAY STILL when getting her diaper changed. grrrrrr!

- torticollis: seems to be improving

- flat spot: seems to be improving

- talking: nope. no discernable words, at least. she is, however, finally finding her “voice.” sometimes she seems to be singing. sometimes she’s just chatting away.

- LOVES to spit. does it all the time. sometimes for 10-20 minutes. it’s crazy. it’s ridiculous. it’s so un-lady-like.

- almost always sits with her legs crossed at the ankles. so VERY lady-like!

- teeth: ONE. and she LOVES to play with it with her tongue. and LOVES to chew on things. toys, mostly.

- loves to be held

- enjoys music. will STARE at the TV when davey & samantha are watching a show.

- REALLY LOVES to play with HAIR and NECKLACES when she’s being held. and i mean LOOOOOOOOOOVES hair. she’ll reach for it. streeeeeeeeetch for it. and then, if she gets a strand, it’s victory and she can zone in on it for a good 20 minutes. we have witnesses.

- still has a full head of her own hair. it’s growing thicker but not longer. weird.

- pulls at her ears a lot. a LOT. especially her left one. (sometimes there’s dried blood inside it because she’s pulled/scratched at it so much).

- does not give out smiles or laughter easily. she REALLY makes mommy work for smiles and laughs. samantha and davey have to work a little LESS to get the same reactions.


alex is the sweetest, most laid-back, most chill and relaxed baby we’ve ever experienced. while davey was a projectile vomiter and samantha was a big time puker, alex has always been really low key and she has always held down 90-95% of her intake. she nursed almost exclusively for a LONG time (i spent months getting to her to be comfortable taking a bottle) and then she’d only take a bottle of PUMPED milk… no formula for this sweet thing. sheesh! and no formula switching, either. she’d refuse to drink something foreign. what a girl.


alex appears to be on her own timetable with accomplishments, growth and development. that said, she’s a smart cookie. she tries to BUCKLE the straps in her booster seat. yes she does! she’s a VERY observant little girl. she was my biggest baby at birth (6 lb 11 oz) but she’s my slowest grower. she rarely cries (usually only when she’s hungry!). she rarely fusses (poopy diapers do NOT make her happy, though). she is a joy and a delight and we are blessed beyond measure to have her as part of our family.




behind the scenes

today i did an impromptu photo shoot with alex, a stuffed elephant and the porch swing. i also had two little helpers who wanted to be in EVERY photo. somehow i kept them at bay… at least for awhile. i did my best to have them HELP me. it was hard to get alex’s facial expressions to change from photo to photo, but these two know what mommy wants in a photo:

oh, no, wait…. that’s what they GIVE me… that’s not what i’d prefer. but i LOVE their personalities!