The Dunkins start driving…..

we’re on the road and we’re loving this vacation, despite some long days in the Pathfinder. i’ll get you “caught up” as quickly as i can without overwhelming you.


Saturday, July 2nd was a LOOOOOOOOONG day in the car. Our 12 hours of driving turned into a 16-hour road trip to Bozeman, Montana. We did have lots of laughs along the way. Here are some funny things we heard from the Munchkins:

  • “Mama, are we there yet?” Sam, en route to Starbucks IN LYNDEN!
  • “I will tell Sam when we are almost there. I will tell her to be patient.” Davey, in response to Sam’s above question
  • “I’m all done with my car seat.” Sam at 1:42 p.m.
  • “I want to ride my bike the rest of the way.” Davey, in Spokane, Washington shortly after lunch
  • Pointing behind her, Sam said, “I want to go back that way, home.” at 4:27 p.m. somewhere in Idaho [this was said SEVERAL times]
  • While discussing where to stop for dinner, Davey piped up from the back seat, “But we just had lunch!” [lunch was at 12:30 and it was now 6:11 pm]

Along with those funny quotes, we have some other interesting memories from the day:

  • learning at a gas stop in Burlington, Washington (less than an hour from home) that one DVD screen was out. We played musical car seats and then discovered that the SECOND DVD screen was ALSO out.
  • 15 miles west of Missoula, Montana a highway sign was littered with bullet holes
  • at 5:30 Alex was FINISHED with her car seat. She cried until we stopped for dinner about an hour later.
  • Sam loved giving “Miss Piggy” (she insisted on calling The Pig this incorrect name) a high five and a fist bump/pound it at Famous Dave’s BBQ
  • seeing airplane body parts on a train headed west


Just after midnight on the first day of our adventure, we pulled into Bozeman, Montana, to this house:

Elizabeth was awake and waiting for us. The five of us got settled into one room and crashed. it felt so good to stretch out and to lie down! and we did really well sleeping with all five us us in one room.

We spent all day Sunday with the Wicklands. We relaxed, we ate, we shopped, we played, the kids rode bikes, we enjoyed the VERY WARM weather and the HOT sunshine.

A major highlight from our day at the Wicklands: Davey was outside playing and riding bikes with Eliana. They live in a new house (they had it built and it’s GORGEOUS!) in a new construction area so there are a lot of empty lots. Eliana decided to pee in the empty lot across the alley. Davey, apparently, had to top that, so he pooped. Yes. Pooped. AND THEN (seriously, it DOES get better) he tried to wipe himself with a ROCK! I kid you not. And, perhaps the worst part of all, my friends, is I was simply thankful he didn’t poop in his underwear! [He did, however, receive firm instructions to only poo in the potty in the future.]


additionally, Elizabeth is a Mary Kay consultant and after the kids went to bed on Sunday night, we enjoyed some “girl time” with a nice foot soak and scrub and rub. thanks for the pampering, Elizabeth!


as we left on Monday morning, we decided when (if?) we do a trip like this again, we’ll stay in Montana with our friends for TWO days. the weather was SO GORGEOUS (okay, perhaps a little too hot) that it would’ve been nice to go for a hike or something while there.




what did we learn from our first day of driving and our first day of not driving?

- if you ask if anyone has to pee (deciding whether or not to stop at a rest area), Sam will always say “yes” because she knows she can get out of her car seat

- you need to believe Sam SOMETIMES b/c otherwise she’ll sit in a car seat soaked in pee

- Sam is really jealous that Davey can “water the grass” on the side of the road

- starting a road trip with 2 kids and a mama with a head cold is not the best start but it IS doable and enjoyable

- starting a road trip with 1 of those kids cutting her first tooth is also not the best start but it IS doable and enjoyable

- it’s VERY important to let the kids RUN RUN RUN when you DO stop

- you can never have too much water

- they should make extra car seat covers so you can replace a dirty one if you can’t stop and wash it somewhere

- small candies (like smarties) and new-to-the-kids toys, no matter what they are, are VERY helpful for adult sanity

- it IS possible to drive 12 hours over a 16-hour time period withOUT DVD screens and movies to entertain the children

One thought on “The Dunkins start driving…..

  1. I am always terrified for road trips, then amazed at how well the kids do. We did teach B to ‘water the grass’ on the side of the road by standing on the running board, squatted down. Awesome to not have to find a toilet everytime! (But then she started doing it in the backyard too)

    Enjoy the rest of the trip!

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