being thankful

saying goodbye isn’t easy… especially when you’re saying good bye to nana for the next few months:


but i guess it gets a little easier when mommy agrees to hold you upside down:


and then you get in the car, drive to the grocery store to buy Tastykakes for Dave’s coworkers and gas for the car and Dunkin Donuts (and Munchkins) for those of us who can tolerate gluten….


and then you get back on this overpriced road:


and then you get stopped outside a tunnel on said expensive and overpriced road:

because there’s an accident INSIDE the tunnel. and then you breathe and remember to be thankful that it’s not YOU who was in the accident in the tunnel. and you get out of the car and grab your lunches that you ARE VERY THANKFUL you packed back at nana’s house. and you also take your baby out of the carseat to change her wet diaper. and you pray for the safety and health of those who were in the accident, especially when you see the ambulance drive into the tunnel.


and after 45 minutes later, you’re driving through the tunnel with everyone strapped into their seats and you’re thankful the delay wasn’t longer.


and later, when you’re pulling out of a rest area, you’re reminded that it’s someone sweet’s 4th birthday. you’re reminded of this buy a really cool uncle and aunt (Jeff & Taryn) who call to wish their favorite (ahem! only) nephew a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

and then you get the biggest kick out of listening to one side of a conversation. your son’s first REAL telephone conversation. and jeff, i promise you, davey was saying that he was excited to play with the lincoln logs at ibby & arnie’s house b/c he had some at home but mommy took them away because he was using them as swords and drumsticks…. (and i’ll tell you that uncle arnie took them away for the same reason!)!




and then you say farewell to the state where you lived a large portion of your life (at least 14 years):


and then you get ready to get on this toll road that’s not nearly as expensive as the previous one (but any fee is too much):


and then you realize that your destination isn’t too far away and you start to get excited that your husband might actually get you to the auction on time!   :)

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