life on the road

hotel accommodations at the upgraded Ramada Inn room before heading out for the day….


what we’ve done a LOT of on this trip:

buying gas!




Tuesday (July 5) was probably the longest/hardest day of traveling because we knew there was nothing good at the end of the day other than a nice hotel room! We drove 775 and made it to a Holiday Inn in Madison, Wisconsin just around midnight.


Daily quotes:

  • “Hooray! We’re home! We can get out!”“We’re just pretend[ing].” said Samantha at 7:08 p.m.
  • “My macaroni and cheese is made of macaroni and cheese!” said Davey at dinner


Memories from the day?

  • NO Starbucks and NO Caribou Coffee anywhere between Rapid City and Sioux Falls
  • SD is as E.M.P.T.Y as WY
  • The Missouri River is HUGE
  • Lunch while driving thanks to PB&J (the kids) and a stop at a HyVee (grocery store) for the grown ups
  • Potty break at the SMALLEST and MOST rinky-dink DQ we’ve ever seen (the bathroom was outside, attached to a different building, and was obviously added on to meet the building code!). We did, however, enjoy an ice cream treat while driving away, though it was dinner time!
  • NO open rest areas in Minnesota. Seriously. None. It was a huge waste, too, b/c I saw several really neat play structures (complete with swings!) for the kids at some rest areas.
  • Being passed by several semi trucks in WI while driving 5 mph OVER the speed limit, in the dark!
  • Dinner at Perkins in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and running in the sand afterwards


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