no photos (my apologies), but here are random things running through my head:

- hooray that dave ran to the store to get milk (we’re completely out and that has only happened about two other times since davey was old enough to drink whole milk)

- tomorrow we’re having lunch with one of dave’s college roommates & his wife. we haven’t seen jeff and becky since their wedding…. 9 years ago (shortly before ours). sometimes it’s really useful to live between canada and seattle!

- as excited as i am that we get to see jeff & becky tomorrow, i’m a little bummed b/c it means the kids do NOT get to ride on a float in the Farmer’s Day parade. they would’ve loved it. we were invited by our realtor to ride their float. my kids are the perfect age to enjoy it. sigh.

- i love the sun

- i had 4 pounds to go to get back to “pre-alex weight.” i now have 9 pounds to go. ugh. too much ice cream.

- i’m in withdrawal. it’s been weeks (2 or 3 at least) since i’ve been to a garage sale or the thrift store. i’m going out tomorrow morning. yep. and i’m looking forward to it.

- we’ve only had one house showing (memorial day). praying for at least one more (‘cuz all it takes is one, right?) and SOON. we’re scheduled for an open house next saturday (the 11th).

- my mom fractured her knee cap. please pray for her – for complete and speedy healing.

- our trip is growing closer and closer. ahhhhh!

- i did some “just for me” scrapbooking today. i loved it. i’ve been craving it.

- i need to do a mini album for our road trip this summer. but i accidentally packed away 75% of what i need. i think i need to call on some friends for supplies!

- there’s a lot of “organizing” to do between now and next Thursday to get estimates and bids on items in need of repair at the new house (we need to negotiate some money for some projects!)

- i’m SO THANKFUL for antibiotics and for doctors and for OUR family doctor. my kids are finally healthy (save a few allergy-created runny noses). it’s SO GOOD to have them back to happy and healthy!

- i need to get my act together and get ready for our annual multi-family garage sale happening in TWO weekends

- delayed presents are wonderful! my sister-in-law and brother-in-law gave me a $15 amazon credit for my birthday. earlier this week i found a set of number stamps that i really wanted. but i didn’t want to pay shipping charges at my “usual” on-line store. and then i remembered i had the amazon gift card. and viola! the stamps AND shipping totaled $13.49 so i still have $1.51 on my amazon gift card! many thanks to Sterling & Rachel for my birthday present!

- gas is very, very, VERY expensive these days!

- shopping at Costco was a MISERABLE experience this past week.

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