physical therapy

at 11 months of age, alex has undergone more medical testing than i have. well, wait… i’m forgetting about all those ankle x-rays from high school and that brain MRI for those head aches…. but i digress.


you’re all well aware of alex and her history. so it should be no great surprise that this little peanut (and she is most definitely LITTLE – i don’t think she even tips the scales at 15 pounds yet!) has been going to physical therapy. when we were in Seattle at Children’s Hospital, one of the physicians discovered that she has torticollis due to a shortened muscle on the front, right side of her neck (her right, our left). this makes it EASY for her to turn her head to the right and DIFFICULT for her head to turn to the left. which is likely the “culprit” for her LARGE FLAT SPOT on the back right (her left) of her head!


at physical therapy, we use toys to get alex to turn her head all the way to the right (her left)… whether she’s lying on her back or sitting up or standing up or playing on her tummy….


she doesn’t mind that so much. unfortunately for her (and for us!) that’s not all that is involved with her physical therapy sessions. we are also supposed to try to stretch her neck muscles by getting her to move her ear to her shoulder. unfortunately, this is something that has to be done manually… and she hates it.

she REALLY hates it. thankfully, we can do it at home while she’s sleeping. in fact, that’s the best way to do it. whew.


she also has pretty tight trapezius muscles (the muscles between her neck and shoulders more toward the top of her back), so we’re allowed to do some light massage on those. and if we can get her to look down and cock her head to the side, that will help stretch them.

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