never enough

most people have LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of photos of their first child. some photos of their second child. and few photos of their third child. (we don’t even need to say how very rare it is to find a photo of the fourth child!). in our case, it’s a little bit different… alex is the main reason we pull the camera back out these days. dave and i both seem to be on a “photography hiatus” which is a shame since i took that photography course in March and haven’t practiced what i learned yet (and yet, it’s mostly all LONG GONE already!).


but because one can never have enough photos of the third child, i give you a glimpse of sweet alex (who, GULP!, is almost a year old already – perhaps i should take her 11 month photos?!)!



hanging out in one of her FAVORITE places… the doorway jumper. she’s got this thing timed PERFECTLY… she can put forth MINIMAL effort and obtain MAXIMUM bounce


we try to spend time playing on the floor and working on the physical therapy “exercises.” this child is SO DIFFERENT from her big brother & sister… she actually LIKED “tummy time” and she LIKES to roll onto her tummy to play with toys….


she is MOST DEFINITELY following in her big sister’s footsteps… everything goes in her mouth:


seriously? do you see her facial expression in this photo? she looks SO GROWN UP…


i love that she’ll still conk out in the stroller when we’re out for an evening walk:


though she can’t stand on her own yet, she’s really enjoying leaning/holding onto things so we can PRETEND she’s standing “all by herself:”


there’s never enough of this:


she just HAD to sit up on the edge of the bench at the park to PROVE to mommy that she’s a big girl….


i love giving her a bucket filled with different toys… some days she picks them out one by one and other days she dumps them all at once.

(this photo is from grandma’s house)


and my big girl likes to make this busy mommy’s life much easier by holding her own bottle… often with just one hand!


tub time…. we’re FINALLY tolerating and last week she actually SPLASHED! in fact, she wouldn’t STOP kicking her legs in her little tub. she got water everywhere but it was the first time she was active in the tub, so i let her go to town!


and there you have it. hopefully you’ll see many photos of her again soon for a belated 11-month photo shoot!

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