we are disheartened. we have less than 24 hours and zero prospects for selling our house or we lose the house we want. last week thursday, before i went to meet with our realtor to submit an amended “offer” based on the inspection report, we were advised that we’d been “bumped.” that means we have 3 (business) days to decide to buy the house straight up (and have two mortgages) or simply let it go. for us, it’s not an option to own both homes for a time (we can’t afford the downpayment on the other house without selling our current home). we priced our current home RIDICULOUSLY low in an attempt to get a quick buyer. the agents who have seen our home realize that it’s a SCREAMING deal. a “they’re out of their minds!” deal. we had an open house on saturday. an open house on sunday. a showing on sunday. a showing today. but it appears to be all for naught. no offers. no leads. no nibbles.


over the past few days, we’ve had a range of emotions. including optimism, skepticism, excitement, disappointment, frustration, hope and more. right now we’re entering the stage of “numb.” we are believers in God. we KNOW that He has good things for us. we know that He wants to give us the desires of our hearts. we know that He will not withhold any good thing from us. BUT we are still human. and it still hurts. and it’s still disappointing. and that’s okay. we’re allowed to feel this way.


and so the search for a new home begins. and i have no idea how we will tell our kids. davey may only be 3, but that kid has the memory of an elephant. he forgets nothing. he is VERY detail-oriented. he remembers that house. he loves that house. he wants to live in that house. and i don’t know how to tell him it won’t be ours.


for those of you who haven’t seen it, THIS was the house we had planned to buy and call home for the next 20+ years.




and as a side note: if anyone wants to loan us $50K to use toward the downpayment and can get it to us ASAP, we’ll pay you back as soon as we sell our house!

One thought on “disheartened

  1. I am sorry to read this post. I know that you do not know me but I looked at your house on your blitz price weekend and wanted to offer on it but had an offer pending on another place (due to ‘good faith offer conditions’ I could not offer to you guys also)… anyhow, now my other home has fallen through and you guys went back up in price. My friend Cher Kingsborough just called me to tell me about a super cute place ect… and what do you know it is yours! I have been praying for months for the perfect place at the perfect price to come around and have had 2 offers fall apart due to seller issues. I hope your perfect home comes to you also. God Bless! Stefanie

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