did i ever….?


did i ever tell you that i have some of Tam’s Treasure Box items for sale in a local store (on consignment)? over a month ago i planned to spend some time on a saturday putting some items at Dutch Mother’s Restaurant on Front Street in Lynden. it was a pretty crummy morning but i went to a few garage sales anyway…. and i found this GREAT shelf unit for only $3. i loaded it in my car, took it straight to the restaurant and unloaded it… i knew dave would be happy that it never found it’s way to our house!


i’m currently working on getting my necklaces “packaged” and into the store for sale. i haven’t stopped in there for at least 3 weeks…. i’m expecting to have NOTHING sold. it’s not a high-trafficed consignment area, after all. but at least there’s a chance it’ll sell, right?


**side note: SO FUN! i stopped by the restaurant yesterday (Wednesday) to deliver garage sale earnings to my friend (Lisa works there one day a week) and my envelope actually had money in it! i earned almost $55… hooray for consignment!!!

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