10 alex 5

at 10 months

now that alex is already 11 months old, here are her 10 month photos (taken not long before turning “11 months”):

- still wearing size 2 diapers (only b/c i keep finding more in her room… i’d love to upgrade her to 3s)!

- no teeth yet

- still serious

- still an observer

- still very sweet and chill

- holding toys. reaching for toys. playing with toys.

- laughs best for davey and samantha.

- beginning to get “stranger anxiety” – especially at the church nursery

- drinking 6 oz at a time

- ALL formula now

- holding her own bottle

- still waking up early

- 1 or 2 naps a day

- not talking (in words) but getting a little “noisier” with sounds

- wearing clothing sizes 6-9 and 6-12 (most pants are far too large in the waist…. even leggings!)

- getting better at sitting up

- still loves to be standing up in her exersaucer and doorway jumper

- looks EXTRA cute with a barrette or hair tie in her hair


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