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never enough

most people have LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of photos of their first child. some photos of their second child. and few photos of their third child. (we don’t even need to say how very rare it is to find a photo of the fourth child!). in our case, it’s a little bit different… alex is the main reason we pull the camera back out these days. dave and i both seem to be on a “photography hiatus” which is a shame since i took that photography course in March and haven’t practiced what i learned yet (and yet, it’s mostly all LONG GONE already!).


but because one can never have enough photos of the third child, i give you a glimpse of sweet alex (who, GULP!, is almost a year old already – perhaps i should take her 11 month photos?!)!



hanging out in one of her FAVORITE places… the doorway jumper. she’s got this thing timed PERFECTLY… she can put forth MINIMAL effort and obtain MAXIMUM bounce


we try to spend time playing on the floor and working on the physical therapy “exercises.” this child is SO DIFFERENT from her big brother & sister… she actually LIKED “tummy time” and she LIKES to roll onto her tummy to play with toys….


she is MOST DEFINITELY following in her big sister’s footsteps… everything goes in her mouth:


seriously? do you see her facial expression in this photo? she looks SO GROWN UP…


i love that she’ll still conk out in the stroller when we’re out for an evening walk:


though she can’t stand on her own yet, she’s really enjoying leaning/holding onto things so we can PRETEND she’s standing “all by herself:”


there’s never enough of this:


she just HAD to sit up on the edge of the bench at the park to PROVE to mommy that she’s a big girl….


i love giving her a bucket filled with different toys… some days she picks them out one by one and other days she dumps them all at once.

(this photo is from grandma’s house)


and my big girl likes to make this busy mommy’s life much easier by holding her own bottle… often with just one hand!


tub time…. we’re FINALLY tolerating and last week she actually SPLASHED! in fact, she wouldn’t STOP kicking her legs in her little tub. she got water everywhere but it was the first time she was active in the tub, so i let her go to town!


and there you have it. hopefully you’ll see many photos of her again soon for a belated 11-month photo shoot!

little miss HIGH ENERGY

little miss HIGH ENERGY is at such a fun (and trying) age! she’s as stubborn as ever, but she’s also as SWEET as ever.  at 2-and-a-half…


she’s pretty convinced that she does a GREAT job picking out her own clothing ensembles:


and she’s turning into an AMAZING Lego Duplo tower builder:


and yet she’s also “all girl” when she wants pretty ribbons in her hair:

(don’t you LOVE those NATURAL curls?!)


she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her baby doll:


and she LOVES mama’s sunglasses:


she’s REALLY into the “i can do it by myself!” stage of life, even if it means shoes on the wrong feet:


we’re making backwards progress on potty training (more accidents than success stories lately). she still eats like a dream (ate a raw radish out of grandpa & grandma’s garden last night – makes me shudder!). she still naps most days (but needs one EVERY day). she can ride her bike like a pro and i have to RUN HARD to keep up with her. she ADORES her baby sister but isn’t always gentle with her.


she’s one of the sweetest, most loving and most stubborn 2-and-a-half year olds i’ve ever known. and i wouldn’t have her any other way!

empty nests

we will not have an “empty nest” for at least 17 years… more likely for a lot longer than that. but we have had some empty nests hanging around our house for the past few years. during nap time on a really nice saturday or sunday, dave pulled out the pressure washer and washed his car (it has a car washing attachment). and then he pulled out the ladder and knocked (sprayed) down some old bees/wasps/hornets nests. i think there were five of them that he knocked down. they were all up under the eaves around the back of our house. we’ve never been able to reach them before. hooray for the power of a pressure washer!




i miss this already

with all the outside playing, late(r) dinners and after-dinner family walks (and bike rides), we don’t do much of this:

anymore. and i miss it. i miss hearing dave read stories in funny voices to the kids. i miss davey’s rapt attention and samantha’s wandering feet during story time. perhaps we will re-institute this during our vacation. which is only a week away. just a week? yes, really, just a week. ACK!!!


(and for those of you who were in church when samantha was dedicated almost two years ago, i do believe she’s trying to do to dave what she did to grandpa during his prayer that morning while he held her. sorry again, dad. at least you know you’re not alone. and it wasn’t a one-time event!)

parental jealousy

sometimes i’m jealous of my children. yep. i’ll admit it. sometimes i’m jealous that they have a built-in playmate. a built-in friend. someone close in age who understands them better than their parents. i loved being an *almost* only child when i was growing up, but it sure was lonely. (my brother is 9 years older than i).


i apologize for the poor lighting and composition of this photo, but it was the only one i could capture before they realized i was there:



(those two tiny specks far ahead on the trail are davey and sam, riding their bikes side-by-side in this “forest.” their conversation was so amusing to overhear… i wish i had it recorded!)


who needs a play house? we’ll make our own… with a box. that’s all. no paper. no markers. just a box and a great imagination….



i LOVE that my kids truly LOVE each other. they fight. they argue. they hit. they pull hair. they take toys. but ultimately, they love each other so deeply and so passionately that it makes my bones tingle with pride. it’s not uncommon for one of the “twins” to awake from a nap, wander downstairs and ask “where’s –” [insert "Davey" or "Samantha" here]. davey and sam both ADORE alex and she has eyes only for them when they’re around. i am jealous of their secrets. their friendship. their bond. but i am also so very, VERY thankful for those things.

the Doodle

we’re just a few weeks away from someone’s 4th birthday. hard to believe that’s possible. i’ll save some “updates” of him for his birthday post, but here are some recent snapshots…..


at grandma’s one wednesday, the kids played in the dirt so she washed their clothes during nap time and fashioned some other attire for them out of t-shirts and ponytail holders. davey enjoyed his so much that he wouldn’t take it off. i think it looks like an old school night-shirt or night-dress!


davey is ALL ABOUT playing video games at grandpa&grandma’s house. and now that uncle tom is home from school with his Wii?! yeah. good luck getting that kid outside…. or off the couch!


you may have seen this one already. do you see the upper left corner of the magna doodle screen? yeah. he can write his name. pretty well, i might add, though the “y” is often on the next line!


davey’s really into dressing himself. has been for months. perhaps a year? some days are better than others. this day was a winner… his favorite “soccer ball” t-shirt matched with a pair of grey & yellow camo cargo shorts (thanks, Nana!). vaguely related to this photo would also be his excitement when i brought home a soccer ball (for a quarter!) from a garage sale. and that Lightning McQueen car he’s playing with in the photo? yeah. it’s a Duplo. or several Duplos, i suppose. i bought two buckets of Duplos for $3 total at a garage sale and we found such fun blocks in there, including Lightning!



remember the Bellingham Bells Baseball game post? this photo is from that night. Elise (the youngest daughter of Dave’s colleague, Ed and my friend Julie) just couldn’t keep her hands off davey!  :)

he’s already a lady magnet. or a ladies man. or a chick magnet. or, if nothing else, he’s an Elise magnet!  :)



did i ever….?


did i ever tell you that i have some of Tam’s Treasure Box items for sale in a local store (on consignment)? over a month ago i planned to spend some time on a saturday putting some items at Dutch Mother’s Restaurant on Front Street in Lynden. it was a pretty crummy morning but i went to a few garage sales anyway…. and i found this GREAT shelf unit for only $3. i loaded it in my car, took it straight to the restaurant and unloaded it… i knew dave would be happy that it never found it’s way to our house!


i’m currently working on getting my necklaces “packaged” and into the store for sale. i haven’t stopped in there for at least 3 weeks…. i’m expecting to have NOTHING sold. it’s not a high-trafficed consignment area, after all. but at least there’s a chance it’ll sell, right?


**side note: SO FUN! i stopped by the restaurant yesterday (Wednesday) to deliver garage sale earnings to my friend (Lisa works there one day a week) and my envelope actually had money in it! i earned almost $55… hooray for consignment!!!

physical therapy

at 11 months of age, alex has undergone more medical testing than i have. well, wait… i’m forgetting about all those ankle x-rays from high school and that brain MRI for those head aches…. but i digress.


you’re all well aware of alex and her history. so it should be no great surprise that this little peanut (and she is most definitely LITTLE – i don’t think she even tips the scales at 15 pounds yet!) has been going to physical therapy. when we were in Seattle at Children’s Hospital, one of the physicians discovered that she has torticollis due to a shortened muscle on the front, right side of her neck (her right, our left). this makes it EASY for her to turn her head to the right and DIFFICULT for her head to turn to the left. which is likely the “culprit” for her LARGE FLAT SPOT on the back right (her left) of her head!


at physical therapy, we use toys to get alex to turn her head all the way to the right (her left)… whether she’s lying on her back or sitting up or standing up or playing on her tummy….


she doesn’t mind that so much. unfortunately for her (and for us!) that’s not all that is involved with her physical therapy sessions. we are also supposed to try to stretch her neck muscles by getting her to move her ear to her shoulder. unfortunately, this is something that has to be done manually… and she hates it.

she REALLY hates it. thankfully, we can do it at home while she’s sleeping. in fact, that’s the best way to do it. whew.


she also has pretty tight trapezius muscles (the muscles between her neck and shoulders more toward the top of her back), so we’re allowed to do some light massage on those. and if we can get her to look down and cock her head to the side, that will help stretch them.

take me out to the ball game

last Friday we were able to spend a windy and chilly evening enjoying Logos Family Fun Night at the Bellingham Bells (minor league) baseball game. davey and sam LOVED it there… but what did they love most…. the food? the field? the players? the stands? the game? the action? the excitement?



um, none of the above. they loved Sarah and Bethany and Becca and Elise. the four daughters of our friends The Balls. their second favorite thing? The Hamster…. The BellingHamster, that is.


lest you worry, THIS guy is the “pretend” Hamster:


and THIS guy is the “real” Hamster:


and the “real” Hamster does NOT go to bed at 9… ‘cuz that photo above was taken at 9:12 p.m.!


all-in-all, it was a fun evening. but i look forward to having some warmer weather next year!


[side note: scroll back through my facebook page to find a funny video of Sam talking about the BellingHamster and giving him a “Boom High Five” with Sarah)

it’s a boy!

if you HAVEN’T heard, my dearest friend/might-as-well-be-my-sister, Carrilee, had her baby!


Albert John was born at 12:18 a.m. on Thursday, June 9. He weighed in at 7 lb 5 oz and was 21 inches long. They were in the hospital for less than a day. They were at church 3 days after he was born. She was at play group 4 days after he was born. with her other two children in tow.


there’s not much in the world sweeter than a new baby:


especially when in his mommy’s arms:


or in his auntie tam’s arms:


Albert, you are a sweet, little man. thanks for already being an AMAZING baby for your mama. you are well loved within your family, but always know that auntie tam is here for you, too!