yes, my friends, the time has FINALLY arrived. after battling for month, our son has FINALLY decided it’s WAY BETTER to go poo on the potty (rather than in his underwear or pull ups)!


two weeks ago he was on a roll and every day he added a sticker to his chart. [our deal was this: one poo on the potty = one sticker. a full chart (21 stickers) = a toy of Davey's choice.] one of those days, he wanted to call nana to tell her the good news. and she was so proud of davey that she wanted to send him something special. he asked for Woody the Cowboy from Toy Story 3. [you may recall he previously wanted Buzz Light Year and then he lost interest in the potty chart....]. Nana agreed to send Woody right away and i debated if davey should earn two big prizes for filling up his sticker chart.


on sunday, he added the 2nd to last sticker, leaving only ONE to go:


so on monday, when he spent about 75 minutes in our bed at naptime NOT sleeping, i wasn’t surprised to finally hear him say “mommy! i went poo on the potty!” we got him cleaned up, put on a new pull up and he was out like a light.


and after his nap, he got to put the last sticker on his chart:


and i gave him a high five:


and he started saying he wanted a Buzz Light Year (despite telling nana, just a week earlier, that he wanted Woody the Cowboy). so in the end, i gave him a choice: “you can have Woody today or Buzz Light Year this weekend.” in the end, he chose Woody. who had just arrived that same day DURING nap time!


davey is currently working on another chart so he can get a Buzz Light Year. we’ll see if that’s what he still wants when he fills up the chart!



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