really and truly

i am really and truly a northwesterner now, i believe.


growing up, a number of my friends had “rules” revolving around the wearing of shorts. when you’re a kid, and the weather is changing in the spring from “enh” to WARM and HOT and SUNNY, you WANT to put on shorts. you feel this itch that can’t be stopped until your pasty white legs are exp0sed for all to see (do we need to talk about the GLARE that shines off said pasty white legs?). Many of my friends’ parents laid down the law. 70*. it had to be at least 70 degrees before they could put on shorts. I remember watching thermometers rise, just HOPING, PRAYING, ENCOURAGING that last degree to spike the thermometer into the “acceptable shorts weather” category.


but now, after almost 12 years (yes, TWELVE YEARS!) of living here, i think i’ve acclimated to our weather. (one is never fully acclimated to the rain and dreariness we get throughout the winter, but i digress).


yesterday, when it was only 54 degrees outside (BUT the sun was shining bright and beautiful!), i walked out of the house in shorts and a t-shirt and a jean jacket. in my defense, i did wear socks and sneakers instead of flip flops. and i was not cold. i was not chilly. i even allowed (nay, encouraged) the kids to wear shorts.


i should say that when it’s not windy, the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day (like yesterday), 54* feels a whole lot more like 70* than like 54*.



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