wednesday: we submitted an offer on a house. seller’s response due by 9 pm on friday.

thursday: i started de-cluttering my craft space. i got totally overwhelmed several times.

friday evening: dave and i began doing small projects around the house. de-cluttering shelves and closets. packing boxes. looking at things to “repair.” we enjoyed dinner with the kids at home and then we took a walk. still no response. so i headed to the grocery store. still no offer. i got home at 8:55 p.m. turns out the seller’s response came in at 8:30 but the e-mail on my phone wasn’t working for awhile.¬†we put the kids to bed, talked about the seller’s counter offer and made a game plan. we e-mailed our realtor and kept packing.


saturday morning: sam and i ran some errands (getting locks for storage units and picking up cardboard/packing boxes at the local paper depot) before heading to a baby shower. dave had the other two kids at home and once alex was napping, he started to pressure wash the deck and the plastic outside toys. when sam and i got home, i jumped right into packing, packing and more packing. lots of de-cluttering. and, unfortunately, most (meaning 98%) of what i was packing was stuff to simply STORE rather than sell at the garage sale. but it’s okay. we fed the kids, took a small load to the storage units and then put the kids down for a nap while dave took a LARGE load to the storage units and while i continued to pack, pack and pack some more.


by the end of saturday, the house was a MESS, 3.5 loads had been delivered to the storage units (the 1/2 load was that first load when all 5 of us drove over there – we removed the car seats after that to make bigger loads) and i felt like ZERO progress had been made.


on sunday, we woke up with TWO feverish kids (alex and davey) so we had to alternate love, hugs and cuddles with packing, cleaning and more. i finished a paint job in D&S’s room (took three coats to “repair” something i should’ve done when i first painted that room back when i was preggo with Sam!). i packed a lot more boxes. dave took one full load to storage. dave did some more exterior cleaning.


we signed counter-offer papers with our agent. we made a VERY FAIR counter offer and we’re hoping we can re-negotiate a few items after the inspection report comes back. i packed while dave made dinner (it was SOOOOOO YUMMY!). we put the kids to bed, packed some more. moved some furniture. cleared some shelves. and at 10:30 we sat down to eat a bowl of ice cream (one bowl each, not one shared bowl) and breathe.


our house is ready to put on the market. but we’re not quite ready for photos. but we’re getting closer. we need some more boxes (especially some larger ones) so we can continue to de-clutter. and that will continue to happen throughout this week. if the seller rejects our counter offer, then we will move forward anyway, hoping to sell our house before she sells hers… and then we can make an offer that’s not contingent on the sale of our house.


through all this, we know that God is in control. while the doors are still open, we will continue to walk through them.



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