from time to time, as a parent, it’s good to confirm that your child is “normal.” ‘cuz sometimes we wonder. what do i mean by “normal?”

- whining children are typically tired or hot or hungry or sick

- crabby children are typically tired or hot or hungry or sick

- children prefer the boxes over the toys contained inside. but really any box will do:

- the littler kids always want to “be like” and “do” the things the bigger kids are doing

- kids often want what they can’t have… especially if it is something that was offered to them first and they turned it down but another kid has/gets it and now the first kid wants it!

- want love, hugs and reassurance after getting in trouble for their naughty behavior

- will test the boundaries you have established to ensure that you are watching & that you mean what you say

- don’t like bedtime (or nap time or rest time or quiet time or whatever you call it), ESPECIALLY when they REALLY need it!



yep. it’s good to know that some of my daily and not-so-daily battles with my children are normal.

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