it’s all worth it

it was just over a year ago that i went to the OB’s office for my 24 week appointment. and they did a repeat ultrasound. and the doctor gave me scary news. and i cried. and i called dave at work and he came right over. and together we were heart broken. our sweet baby girl had some serious issues. they didn’t know how she was alive. things were missing. spots were appearing. it wasn’t good. and we were supposed to leave for a road trip to Montana in just 3 days. my OB cancelled our trip and sent us to Swedish Hospital in Seattle, instead.


and that started the crazy roller coaster of far too many doctor’s appointments, ultrasounds, non-stress tests, bed rest, tears, tears and more tears…


and yet, after 15 weeks of EXTRA prayers by God’s faithful followers across the country and around the world, sweet Baby Daisy  - Alexandra Daisy Sue Dunkin – was born. HEALTHY. BEAUTIFUL. PERFECT.

and on Mother’s Day, almost exactly one year after it all began, we dedicated Alex at church. Which basically means we made a public declaration in front of God, our family, our friends and our church body that we are going to to do our best to raise Alex in a Godly home, teaching her the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ… raising her in the fear and admonition of the Lord.


and on Mother’s Day Sunday, we learned something new about our youngest daughter. we learned that her story of LIFE has already been shared with someone who didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Someone who didn’t know if God was real. Someone who didn’t know if God still worked miracles today. and after hearing Alex’s story, this person made the most important decision of their life…. they made the decision to ask Jesus into their heart. To become a believer in and follower of God.


and that, my friends, makes it all worth it. all the heart ache. all the tears. all the fears. all the unknown. the Kingdom of Heaven has a new member. the angels rejoiced. and my sweet, baby girl played a role in that decision.



3 thoughts on “it’s all worth it

  1. Tam! You didn’t tell me this!! I didn’t know she was being dedicated on Mother’s Day! Congratulations!! And you didn’t tell me about this story! How awesome is that?! And how awesome is our GOD?!?!

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