highs and lows

today was a day of highs and lows. my house was still a mess this morning when i woke up. i had planned to take D&S to visit a friend for lunch and naps. alex and i were going to spend that time at home cleaning, tidying, packing and finishing the final “to dos” to prepare this house for photos at 2:30.


but samantha woke up with a low grade fever. and alex woke up feeling crummy (day #4). while extremely impatient, i also attempted to salvage the morning. i got the kids set up at the table for coloring and drawing to keep them occupied so i could get busy with the house.


fortunately, the coloring worked for awhile. unfortunately, alex did not cooperate by going back to sleep quickly or easily. and as the minutes turned into longer and longer periods of time where i was holding my crabby, sick baby girl, i realized there was NO WAY i would be able to complete my to do list.


so i called dave but he was headed into a meeting. then i called carrilee (she was going to watch D&S for me in the afternoon) to cancel the day (b/c my kids and their germs did not need to be around her and her kids….. she’s 37 weeks pregnant). thankfully for me, carrilee is one of the best friends a girl could have. she let me cry. and vent. and be frustrated. and then she prayed. and not a short or fast prayer. but a heart felt prayer. i felt her love. her concern. and then she tried, really hard, to convince me to drop off D&S at her house anyway. [i refused - her health is more important than clean house photos!]


and then i felt comfortable texting dave and asking him to work from home after his meeting.


and in the middle of all of the above, i called the doctor’s office and got alex scheduled for a noon appointment (our doctor’s office closes at noon on wednesdays).


then i worked my hardest to put things away. tidy. organize. clean. dust. vacuum (many thanks to Robby the Robot – our Roomba for “his” help!). then dave arrived. daddy to the rescue!


i’m thankful i took 90 minutes out of my crazy day to take alex to the doctor. she has a raging ear infection. she is now on amoxicillian. hopefully she’ll return to her happy, chill, sweet self very VERY soon!


in the end, the house was clean. tidy. mostly organized. (but please, please, PLEASE don’t look in my garage!) and ready for photos when Lyle and Cherie arrived promptly at 2:30.


and about 90 minutes later, Karen (our realtor) arrived to pick up our earnest money check. and our paperwork for the bank. and to have us sign the papers necessary to put our house on the market. and now it’s real… we have a lock box on our front door:


so it’s real. we’re actually trying to sell our house. people – strangers – will (hopefully) call to schedule an appointment to see my house. my home. i’m more nostalgic about this process than i thought i would be. dave said he’s less nostalgic than he thought he would be. go figure.


here are some glimpses of my home today:


and now i can sit down, watch tv and not feel guilty. and dave, well, dave went to bed at 8:30. apparently he’s getting sick now.


so there you have it, my friends. now we wait. we wait for a Buyer. and we do a LOT of praying for God to send the right Buyer at the right time and the right price. will you join us in prayer?

2 thoughts on “highs and lows

  1. So thankful for your sweet friend Carilee and that she could lift you up during a struggle. I’ve never had a friend pray for me on the phone before – what a beautiful thing!

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