at two and a half…

at two and a half, this girl

- is doing AMAZING with potty training. she “gets” it. whew!

- recently experienced her first nebulizer treatment (5.11.11):

- and her first x-ray (a chest x-ray) (also on 5.11.11):

- is turning into a bike riding PRO (hooray for Strider’s pedal-less glider bikes)!

- enjoys choosing her own wardrobe ensembles

(Hello Kitty shirt and jean jacket; plaid shorts; birdie legwarmers; purple flower socks; pink shoes)

- is still difficult at bed time (comes out of bed/her room even more now that she’s potty trained… “but i haf ta go potty!”)

- still needs a bottle to fall asleep (though we’ve progressed from milk to water only) for naptime AND bedtime

- says “I wuv u”

- is ridiculously smart

- weighs about 2 pounds more than davey and may be 1/4 to 1/2 an inch taller

- is EXTREMELY stubborn

- DEFINITELY tests our parenting skills (especially when it comes to “follow through”)

- is the sweetest and most loving 2 and 1/2 year old i’ve ever known!

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