samantha currently LOVES hello kitty (i miss the days when she called her “Hello Kitty Cat.” nana, in all her amazing shopping prowess, provided this ensemble:

that would be a hello kitty jean jacket (complete with hello kitty head BLING! on the back), a hello kitty cat bling t-shirt and a hello kitty cat tutu-ed skirt. and jeggings (jean leggings). cute, huh? she looked SO GROWN UP. [when i see this photo, i'm reminded of that insurance commercial where a father is talking to his little girl (about age 6) who turns out to really be 16 and about to take her dad's car for an evening out with friends.] this photo is a fast forward to life 11 years from now… when she’s a teenager.


and this one:

she’s definitely not hurting for new clothing. she has lots of hand-me-downs, but many thanks to a nana who loves to shop and who finds great deals, this little girl gets plenty of new clothing, too. like this summer dress she’s wearing. turned appropriate for Washington weather with a long-sleeve onesie underneath. [side note: isn't she a little doll? absolutely sweet.]



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