9 months

a week ago alexandra turned 9 months old. how is that possible?


at 9 months:

- still not sleeping through the night

- still nursing at least 50% of the time

- formula preference is Gerber Good Start, though she still isn’t a fan of formula

- weighs about 14 pounds

- wearing size 6-9 and 6-12 month clothing

- wearing size 2 diapers (no joke!)

- has been significantly constipated twice

- seems to have one head cold after the next. poor kid hasn’t been fully healthy since birth!

- rolls from back to tummy. a few times a week will roll from her tummy to her back.

- appears to be about a month away from crawling (perhaps less)

- eating baby food veggies (HATES Gerber’s “garden vegetable” blend) and fruits and baby oatmeal

- has tasted “big people” ice cream (LOVES it), cake, banana, rice, ketchup, Dr. Pepper (LOVES it) and perhaps a few others that i’m forgetting

- has ZERO teeth

- has started making funny noises by sucking her bottom lip in her mouth

- is so sweet and so content

- a little more liberal with smiles than earlier in her life, but they’re still not overly abundant

- still does not laugh (unless you zerbert on her neck… then you MAY get a laugh out of her)

- not even close to saying any words yet… but she still LOVES to spit!

- has some scalp issues (cradle cap) returning (welcome Selsun Blue back to bathtime)

- LOVES to watch her big brother and big sister do ANY and EVERY thing

- loves to CHEW on toys

- drools like a mad fiend (totally taking after her big brother on this one!)

- is a people watcher

- is reaching for toys and will bend over (if sitting) or maneuver around (if lying on her tummy) to try to reach/grab a specific toy

- nicknames: Alex, Sparky, Sparks, Wee One, Peanut, Pea, Sweetie, Sweets

- in the span of 2 weeks between months 8 & 9, alex experienced a head x-ray, a head CT scan, was diagnosed with craniosynastosis (which meant surgery would be required), underwent an evaluation at Children’s Hospital in Seattle, was diagnosed with torticollis, was UNdiagnosed with craniosynastosis (huh? yeah. Children’s said she does NOT have it!), was referred for physical therapy and possibly helmet therapy



this little girl has always been our extra-special miracle. nothing will change that. however, God continues to remind me (us) just how special she is. and as her mom, i can’t even imagine the things God has planned for her life b/c she sure has had to endure a lot just to be here!



**(note: i did not forget to post alex’s 8-month photos of her with the grey blob – aka: elephant…. i never took them. poor 3rd child. she’s so neglected in our photos!)

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