almost missed it…. volume 8

i did. i almost missed her 8-month birthday. it was a week ago sunday (the 13th). she had an awful head cold. her brother was about to be diagnosed with strep throat. her sister had a significant runny nose. thankfully we’re all FINALLY on the mend. good thing, too, since nana is here!


at 8 months, my dark-haired beauty is….

- still toothless

- still a peanut (weighs in at 13 pounds, 14 ounces WITH her clothing, bib, binky strap, binky AND shoes)

- LOVES to jump and bounce (she can’t get enough time in the doorway jumper)

- really likes her baby veggies. she does NOT like rice cereal or oatmeal

- still nurses almost exclusively…. she’s my longest nurser… think i’ll make it until she can go on whole milk?

- still likes to be wrapped in a blanket for naptime and bedtime

- is FINALLY beginning to sleep (almost) through the night (the “almost” means she wakes up and needs her binky but doesn’t need to eat)

- still sleeps with a binky

- is still ENAMORED with her big brother and sister

- has ZERO teeth

- is as sweet and laid-back as can be

- is STILL our easiest baby


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