when there’s no snow….

while the rest of you across the country have been getting snow DUMPED on you this winter (even Texas!), sadly, we’ve been without the white stuff since Thanksgiving. I would love ONE, GIANT, snowstorm. where we’re snowed in for a day or two. where we teach our kids how to make snow forts and snow angels and fun things like that. but at this rate, it won’t happen this year. and even though i have snow pants and snow coats AND snow boots and hats and mittens for each of the kids, i guess i’ll be okay without the snow. as long as we get a big dump next year (though i think this is what i said LAST year!)!

we have, however, had our usual more-than-fair-share of rain and grey skies. but not this week. this week we’ve had BEAUTIFUL, SUNNY, BLUE skies. we’ve had some COLD days including some wind, but it’s been worth it to enjoy the sunshine. in an attempt to get OUT of the house on Monday, the kids and i went for a walk around the block. which turned into a “return-home-to-get-the-stroller-so-we-can-go-for-a-longer-walk” walk. it was cold, but it was WONDERFUL to be outside, breathing the fresh (and germ-free!) cold air!

we were all a bit cold when we got home, but it was worth it! though this crocodile tear on alex’s cheek makes me wonder if she agrees:

*super cute hooded sweater worn by alex was made for her by my former roommate, Christy. she wanted alex to have something that wasn’t a hand-me-down (Christy is the 2nd of two girls)! i LOVE this little sweater!

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