seven short months

it’s kind of hard to believe that this little girl:

is already 7 months old. seven months!

*still wearing size 3-6 month clothing

*still wearing size 1-2 Huggies diapers (ready to use these up and move on to “2s”)

*weighs approximately 13 pounds

*loves to spit

*no teeth

*not yet sleeping through the night on a regular basis (oh how i wish this were different!)

*likes baby oatmeal but not rice cereal

*loves to hang out in the doorway jumper or her exersaucer

*still enjoys tummy time

*likes hanging out in her “tent” (as davey calls it)

*has eyes only for her siblings (when they’re around)

*is well loved

*still nursing at least 70% of the time but losing interest quickly

*needs “gentle” formula (otherwise she gets really gassy)

*has strong little legs

*got her first hair cut (we HAD to cut off those long hairs she had in the back… she had some kind of wonky mullet-thing happening and it was NOT cool) – i only chopped those two chunks of hair (and yes, i saved them in a baggie)

*looks ADORABLE with her little shrek-tails (two pigtails)

*does NOT look nearly as cute with a Pebbles style-ponytail

*still looks VERY serious much of the time

*LOVES to watch other children play (her siblings or others)

*is getting a bit more “free” with her smiles – and we LOVE this about her!

*is still the sweetest, most laid-back little baby we’ve ever had

*still has a HUGE flat spot on her head. HUGE!

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