“FUN” does NOT mean….

after last Saturday’s experience slipping down the stairs WHILE holding alex and SERIOUSLY injuring (bruising) my tailbone (yes, it STILL hurts!), i was ready for some FUN this weekend. perhaps i need to specify what “FUN” does not mean.

“FUN” does NOT mean watching samantha puke at the dinner table… ON the dinner table… DURING dinner on friday evening.

“FUN” does NOT mean listening to dave operate the carpet cleaner while i’m overseeing samantha in the bathtub.

“FUN” does NOT mean watching samantha throw up two more times in her bed.

“FUN” does NOT mean telling your bottle-dependent 2-year old daughter that she can NOT have anything to drink (which also helps her fall asleep – i know, i know, it’s a bad habit we REALLY need to break) and then listening to her cry so hard you’re afraid she might throw up again from crying.

“FUN” does NOT mean hearing davey crying (loudly) because he is throwing up in bed.

“FUN” does NOT mean starting a load of laundry at 10 p.m.

“FUN” does NOT mean experiencing several more cries and puke episodes from davey before he finally fell asleep after midnight.

“FUN” does NOT mean watching my EXHAUSTED husband clean up the kids and puke.

“FUN” does NOT mean starting ANOTHER load of laundry at 11 p.m.

“FUN” does NOT mean going to bed after midnight with a queasy stomach only to wake up less than an hour later to hug the porcelain bowl myself.

“FUN” does NOT mean hugging said porcelain bowl at least once an hour for the next 8 hours.

“FUN” does NOT mean waking up two ADDITIONAL times to nurse sweet baby alex.

“FUN” does NOT mean several more hours of hugging said porcelain bowl with zero results.

“FUN” does NOT mean taking anti-nausea medication only to see it come back out 10 minutes later.

“FUN” does NOT mean spending an entire saturday in bed feeling like i’m going to die.

“FUN” does NOT mean spending my sick time STRESSING about my HUGE exam that i have to take on tuesday (yes, tomorrow). i was supposed to spend a lot of saturday studying. instead, i could barely function.

“FUN” does NOT mean listening to my poor, VERY TIRED husband take care of THREE children by himself ALL DAY on saturday. (he’s had a couple of very long, very stressful, very tough weeks at work. this weekend was supposed to be a good BREAK for him).

“FUN” does NOT mean doing about 8 loads of laundry in 48 hours.

“FUN” does NOT mean enjoying the SuperBowl while eating white rice and apple slices and drinking hot (weak) tea and sipping on room temperature ginger ale.

but now that i have shared this news, i will let it go. and i will attempt to prepare for tomorrow (my BIG work-related exam) while watching 3 kiddos and further disinfecting our home.

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