“FUN” CAN mean…

“FUN” CAN mean….

a new ROLL of paper and a stand from Ikea (MANY thanks to Julie for picking this up for me a week or so ago!) and two toddlers and markers and our table:

(see that grey circle with the “1″ inside? yeah. davey drew that. and i’m pretty sure he drew the triangle just above it, too!)

(see sam’s finger and thumb tips? yep. her hands were COVERED in marker by the end of our drawing time)

(look closely at the above photo – davey and i were working on shapes and how many sides they have… see his grey squares/rectangles with the “4s” inside?)

hopefully we’ll have some fun like this again this week. i do, however, wish i had purchased WASHABLE markers. oops!

“FUN” CAN also mean…. WAITING TO HEAR ABOUT THE ARRIVAL OF YOUR NEW NIECE! we got the call on sunday morning that rachel’s labor had started. we got the call sunday evening that she was heading to the hospital. we got the call this morning that she’s STILL waiting to have this baby girl. stubborn little thing, isn’t she?!  :)

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