blast from the past

is there any candy that reminds you of your childhood? anything that evokes strong memories (either good or bad)? currently, davey and samantha love PEZ. love it. i think the stuff is vile. i think i ate too much one time as a kid and i’ve never liked it since. but there are plenty of other candies i loved. including candy necklaces. who wouldn’t love little rings of pure sugar on a stretchy string?! it’s candy AND it’s jewelry…. DOUBLE BONUS (guys, this is TOTALLY what your wife wants for Valentine’s Day this year. i promise. you can’t go wrong!)!!

i think it was about a year ago when aunt mary (dave’s mom’s sister) moved to Lynden (temporarily) from Denmark due to renewed visa issues. i think one of auntie mary’s love languages is “gifts.” giving them, for sure. [i KNEW there was a reason i love(d) her so much!] ¬†she brought the kids some candy bags which contained mostly gummy candies… but there was also a candy necklace in each baggie.

earlier this week i FINALLY pulled out those necklaces (yes, almost a year later… don’t ask!). they were EXACTLY the distraction the kiddos needed. they both ate ALL of their dinner (with prompting, of course) and had EARNED a special treat. i taught them how to use their back teeth to bite the candies in half (my fingers were bitten quite a few times in the process). it was worth it… they LOVED the treat!

[and if you're wondering, they got to eat 1/2 one night and 1/2 the next night.]

(and yes, i know my son needs a haircut. DESPERATELY. we had one scheduled last weekend but with our family’s flu symptoms, we had to cancel…)

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