“welcome home!”

no, we’re not moving. we thought we were… that was our exciting news. just before (or just after?) Christmas, dave’s boss approached him and another guy (working on the same project) to see if either of them would be willing to move to Lynnwood (about 90 minutes south) on a temporary basis. the goal was to open a Lynnwood office (for development only) in an attempt to hire some really solid developers b/c the company is having a hard time finding who/what they want up here. interviews have been happening for MONTH with no hires.

dave and i initially said “no way.” but we let it marinade for awhile and we each came to the decision that we’d like to try the move. dave told bob a week ago. and then we started to get really excited about it. we looked forward to it. it was a 99% sure thing. we shared the news with a few select people. we started to plan our life around the reality of living in an apartment in lynnwood for 5 months (from ASAP to the end of June). i started to look forward to living with LESS. less clothing. less toys. less furniture. less clutter. less stuff overall. i spent hours on Ikea’s website creating a shopping list of items needed to furnish a “home” for us for 5 months (per dave’s directive). we talked about coming home most weekends so we’d still be attending our church. we were making plans and getting ready.

and then, after MONTHS of interviews, logos was able to hire TWO developers. TWO. plus another highly likely candidate. this made Bob (dave’s boss) gun shy to sign the office space lease in lynnwood. but there was still hope. then on tuesday of this week, we learned that “for now, Lynnwood is dead.” to say we were (are) disappointed is putting it mildly. i think we were both really looking forward to a CHANGE. something NEW. something different. but instead, we’re still here. in our home. dave commutes 35-40 minutes to work each day (we would’ve lived in an apartment building just 5 minutes from the office in lynnwood!).

when we made the decision to be willing to move to Lynnwood (temporarily!), we made a mental shift. with that decision, it was as though it was real. it was as though we had already moved. and that’s why it’s so hard to know that we’re staying. not moving. not changing it up.

that said, we’re HAPPY that we’ll still be around our friends. our family. our home. our town. our life. so perhaps “welcome home” would be a good thing to say to us… even though we never left the area physically!

2 thoughts on ““welcome home!”

  1. whew… that was a close one… I can’t imagine you guys not living in the area! But… maybe God used this to prepare you for something down the road… Eeeeek… do I dare say that… I hope we’re near each other forever!

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