life lesson #749

when the lint filter doesn’t go all the way down in the dryer, it’s because there’s too much lint built up down there. if your husband discovers this problem, he will likely us needle nose pliers to remove some of the built up lint. he will then drop the needle nose pliers into the vent. and he won’t be able to get them out. but a few hours later, his wife WILL be able to use two outdoor grill skewers as “chopsticks” to get the needle nose pliers out of the dryer. and then she will dig out PILES and PILES of old dryer lint.

[i love that you can read the directions: "lint filter  clean before each load"]

i’m not sure what the actual lesson is:

a. clean out the lint filter/trap after each load

b. don’t ask your husband to check on the dryer when the obnoxiously loud buzzer bellows


c. the art of “chopstick use” can come in very, very handy.

but whatever the case, this story contains life lesson #749. i hope you find it helpful!

One thought on “life lesson #749

  1. or d. all of the above.
    Seriously – don’t you clean that lint filter? You could have started a fire!! And you’re only on life lesson #749? You’re almost as old as I am – you have to have learned more than that by now. ;) When I started to read your post I was hoping it was going to be a play on “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”…but that seemed to be pretty hard to keep going. Too bad. Anyway, glad your house didn’t burn down and that your chopstick skills proved helpful.

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