belated details

without any other intro, here’s alex at 6 months:

- 12 lb. 12 oz.

- 25 inches

- size 1-2 diapers

- size 3-6 month clothing

- size 6-12 month socks

- full head of hair

- still a bit of a flat spot on the right side of her head

- still has the old man “bald patch” on her head

- first bath by daddy on 1.15.11

- loves spitting, sucking on her fingers and “talking”

- nursing 90% of the time; formula (Good Start) bottles the other 10%

- enjoys tummy time (our only child to do so)

- waking up (usually only) once a night

- enjoys her pacifier (but not as addicted to it as davey was/is to his)

- no interest in rolling over

- HAS to be where the action is at ALL times

- loves hanging out in the doorway jumper (many thanks to Jessica for the loan of hers… ours has gone missing!)

- only has eyes for her mama (unless her siblings are running around)!

- no words yet, but lots of “stories” none-the-less

- no solids yet. tried rice cereal once and HATED it (she cried so hard dave wouldn’t take a photo b/c he said it was “too depressing”). tried it again and barely tolerated it. here’s hoping our third attempt works better!

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