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my happy kitchen cabinet

1. i kid you not, though dave and i are lovers of photography, we have NOT been good about taking photos. of ANY of the kiddos. i guess that’s what happens with baby #3…. the cameras disappear as you attempt to simply make it through each day without breaking something.

2. dave has been working lots of extra hours (mostly from home) lately. he’s got a big release that will HOPEFULLY happen by 2/10 (the day that Verizon starts carrying iPhones). that means he needs to have his current project sent to Apple by 2/4 so it can be in the Apple Store by 2/10. and in the midst of THIS pressure, they had a server issue at work. the Logos iPhone app was running slow. too slow. so that had to be addressed in less than a week’s time. so he was at work yesterday for the majority of the day. and i have a whole fun story to share about my day with the kids. but that will have to wait.

3. my Tupperware order arrived this past week. WOO HOO! i had ordered a bunch of “modular mates” for kitchen cabinet/pantry storage. they were on sale for 50% off! here’s a BEFORE look at one of my cabinets:

the piles of various ingredients on the right side of the photo (both shelves) was especially frustrating.

enter Tupperware’s Modular Mates:

i planned to use my label maker to label the containers, but after “sugar” and “powdere [d sugar]” i was out of tape. so i used sticky notes as my temporary labels until i could get to the store to purchase more label tape.¬†but then i received an e-mailed photo from my friend Julie. she used her Silhouette SD to make a vinyl label for something decorative in her home. and i thought “seriously? i’ve had my machine for WAY longer. why don’t i use it?” so i did. and here’s what i made:

i made my OWN labels for my kitchen cabinet contents. it took longer to cut the letters and longer to “weed” them than it did to actually apply them to the containers!

and there you have it. my HAPPY kitchen cabinet where things are organized, labeled and easy to find!

the only downside of this project was the reality that i needed MORE containers and they wouldn’t be on sale for half-off again until NEXT January. sigh. but then i checked my mailbox and i received an invitation to ANOTHER Tupperware party from another friend. i also received a sale flyer which indicated that all Modular Mates are on sale for 40% off through early February. SCORE! i can finish organizing my OTHER kitchen cabinet (aka: snack goods)!

project time

this has been hanging on our wall for well over a year now:

if you can’t tell, it’s dave’s handwriting. he wrote it without any co-oercion from me. it was one of the few (VERY few) times in the course of our history together that i was able to get Dave to admit something not-so-positive about himself. but i had to promise that bob (his boss) would never see it. so if you work at logos, please don’t share this post with bob.

that said, i finally erased it on friday evening. i was doing a little bit of “tidying,” which included addressing my “paper mess” area that hung on the wall in the kitchen. i removed the “organization items” that became a container for paper clutter (including a thank-you card from someone’s 1st birthday – she’s about to turn 3!). i did leave a magnetic board (which houses THREE paper pads for shopping lists) and the calendar. the area looks better. or it will once i touch up some marks and fill in some holes.

this week, i plan to finish the above). i plan to purchase some hanging shelves. i plan to re-arrange/decorate my living room wall space. i plan to (continue) to put my scrapbook layouts into albums. (i bought some albums and hardware last week and started this project over the weekend).

there’s more i want to do. but i want to be realistic. so there you have it. it’s time for a little bit of change.

pretty darn good…

- running errands with just ONE child, specifically a CUTE toddler girl, by choice, on a saturday morning is fun

- said toddler girl LOVES to sing “Jesus Loves Me” and the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

- it’s FUN to sing toddler songs at the top of your lungs in the car with your toddler

- you must clap and laugh hysterically after singing said songs at the top of your lungs; your toddler won’t stop smiling for ages

- a cute, toddler girl actually LISTENS and OBEYS mommy when she’s the only child on an adventure

- this cute, toddler girl will walk through a store, holding mommy’s hand and behave BEAUTIFULLY even if mommy stops to look at something just a wee bit too long

- the cute, toddler girl is very good at carrying things in a store. especially yams, peppers, zucchini, small bags of hardware and a box of flash cards (not all purchased at the same store!)

- this cute, toddler girl is not perfect. there are a few screws or bolts or nuts or something now in the wrong bins at True Value in Lynden. i apologize profusely to whatever employee has to find the out-of-place items and return them. that aisle of little bins is a bit overwhelming!

sometimes i wonder what i missed (am missing) by having my kids so close together. sometimes i wonder what my kids missed out on (specifically davey, but samantha, too), by having my kids so close together. then i remember the way the twins giggle when they’re playing together. and the way the twins LOVE their baby sister. and the way alex ADORES her big brother and sister and can’t stop watching them when they’re nearby. and i know that we made the right choice. that God created this beautiful family for us. it’s not easy, but this is my life. and it’s pretty darn good.

life lesson #749

when the lint filter doesn’t go all the way down in the dryer, it’s because there’s too much lint built up down there. if your husband discovers this problem, he will likely us needle nose pliers to remove some of the built up lint. he will then drop the needle nose pliers into the vent. and he won’t be able to get them out. but a few hours later, his wife WILL be able to use two outdoor grill skewers as “chopsticks” to get the needle nose pliers out of the dryer. and then she will dig out PILES and PILES of old dryer lint.

[i love that you can read the directions: "lint filter  clean before each load"]

i’m not sure what the actual lesson is:

a. clean out the lint filter/trap after each load

b. don’t ask your husband to check on the dryer when the obnoxiously loud buzzer bellows


c. the art of “chopstick use” can come in very, very handy.

but whatever the case, this story contains life lesson #749. i hope you find it helpful!

fun finds

earlier this week i had my weekly “day off.” that means my mother-in-law watches two of my kids (usually D&S) and i run errands and go shopping and clean my house and relax at home and other fun and non-fun things. since this past wednesday was my birthday, i opted to do some fun shopping WHILE running some errands. and then i took photos of stuff at home. not ALL of these items were purchased on wednesday, though. just so ya know! first up:

it’s yellow, it’s from Bellingham, Washington (how random!) and it’s from my antiquing trip to snohomish with Julie:

hooray for old, wooden Coke crates! i’m going to turn it into a shadow box and display it on our wall. i’m LOVING those black & white family photos (thanks, Carly!) in there… i think that’ll turn into a permanent fixture!

i found these at the antique store here in lynden this past Monday (D&S were napping at a friend’s house while i took alex to her well-baby doctor’s appointment):

i plan to turn these into shadow boxes, as well, though i plan to SELL them at a craft show in the fall.

i placed a scrapbook order last week. the site where i ordered them usually ships product the NEXT DAY. for unknown reasons, it took them FOUR LONG DAYS to package my order. and another day to ship it. it finally arrived on tuesday…

i also ordered paper, but these were the FUN GOODIES i ordered. some are for scrapbooking and some were purchased with other ideas in mind (necklaces, shadow boxes, etc.).

on Wednesday, i went to walmart for the first time in MONTHS. upon entering the store, i saw this:

and decided to “splurge.” i do have a sewing machine, you know!

Alex and i enjoyed our shopping day at Walmart, Goodwill, Joanns, Haggen (grocery store), the car wash and Second Chance Thrift Store. i found some goodies to use for TamsTreasureBox and future craft shows:

- (picture this a creamy white color filled with Christmas items!)

or how about yahtzee score cards in German?!

perhaps i need MORE dominoes (and yes, Julie, I saved the 2 4 for you!) and OLD boggle pieces:

or how about a CUTE little tea set for my girls to enjoy when they get older? i love the solid color because i can “decorate” it with vinyl (their initials, their name, pictures, words….)

i found some other goodies, too, but that’s the end of my photo tour. hopefully i’ll remember to share some finished products with you!

belated details

without any other intro, here’s alex at 6 months:

- 12 lb. 12 oz.

- 25 inches

- size 1-2 diapers

- size 3-6 month clothing

- size 6-12 month socks

- full head of hair

- still a bit of a flat spot on the right side of her head

- still has the old man “bald patch” on her head

- first bath by daddy on 1.15.11

- loves spitting, sucking on her fingers and “talking”

- nursing 90% of the time; formula (Good Start) bottles the other 10%

- enjoys tummy time (our only child to do so)

- waking up (usually only) once a night

- enjoys her pacifier (but not as addicted to it as davey was/is to his)

- no interest in rolling over

- HAS to be where the action is at ALL times

- loves hanging out in the doorway jumper (many thanks to Jessica for the loan of hers… ours has gone missing!)

- only has eyes for her mama (unless her siblings are running around)!

- no words yet, but lots of “stories” none-the-less

- no solids yet. tried rice cereal once and HATED it (she cried so hard dave wouldn’t take a photo b/c he said it was “too depressing”). tried it again and barely tolerated it. here’s hoping our third attempt works better!

a decade of 27

a few nights ago, dave asked me how old i was when we started dating. the answer is 26. and less than 2 months later i had a birthday. dave found it humorous that we’ve been celebrating my 27th birthday for a decade. (yes, that makes me 36 now).

we celebrated at dave’s parents’ house with dinner, a cake and presents. since my birthday was on a wednesday, i had the added bonus of only having one child with me all day (my mother in law watches D&S on wednesdays). while i ran some errands and did some fun thrifty shopping (more on that later this week), my kids made my birthday cake with grandma! auntie mary has a full series of photos of them adding ingredients, sam covering her ears while the mixer is running, etc.

i love the look of concentration on davey’s face as he shakes the sprinkles…

…and the look of “i wanna do it again” as he watches over his little sister’s sprinkling abilities.

these guys are pretty good cake decorators, don’t ya think? (they did have some help from grandma!):

grandma LOVED baking a cake with the kiddos

i really liked the finished product:

many thanks to all for my birthday wishes and greetings (and presents)! hooray for money, boots, flowers, kitchen towels, decorative plaques and COUPONS (from my husband) for some REALLY GOOD things!

she’s a wee one!

alex had her 6-month well-baby check yesterday. it was one of those check-ups that included shots. yuck. here are the sweet girl’s stats:

weight: 12 lb 12 oz (3%)

height: 25 in (25%)

head circumference: 41 cm (10%)

i haven’t yet done her 6-month photo session with the stuffed elephant… i’m hoping to do that today during nap time. but i make no promises. once i have those photos, though, i’ll share a full list of “Alex at Six Months.”

monday musings

1. laundry is of the devil. i’m convinced of it. rather, perhaps i should say “spending 3 hours folding laundry” is of the devil. don’t ask how much clean but not-yet-folded is currently sitting on my love seat.

2. i think i have an addictive personality.

3. with each passing year, it gets harder and harder to fully function a day or two after staying up until 2 a.m. does this mean i’m getting old?

4. weekend family outings are fun. and we should do them more often. especially because rocket donut has a decent selection of gluten free donuts. and they’re next to dave’s new (but old) office building.

dave and the twins at rocket donut:

davey enjoying daddy’s headphones in his new office:

sam spinning/walking in circles on one of the floors in daddy’s new office building:

dave enjoying the scooter bike on the 2nd floor of the office:

(that thing is fun. i want one. dave has some video of me trying it out. no, you do NOT get to see that video)!

5. evenings without daddy are more fun when spent with friends. many, MANY thanks to mary jo and family for a WONDERFUL dinner and fun time on thursday evening!

6. when the twins are running around upstairs and are laughing and having fun BUT you’re pretty sure they’re NOT in the bonus room, there is some legitimate reason to be concerned. thankfully alex was NOT in her crib when this happened:

(also thankfully, i caught samantha in time… she was beginning to smear vaseline on the hallway walls).

7. daddy and alex watched part of the Jets v. Patriots game on sunday. it was the first game of the season that daddy sat down to watch. and he fell asleep. oops!

8. i have finally scheduled a date to take my national certification exam. it’s on tuesday, february 8th. perhaps i should start studying since i won’t be able to return to work until i pass this exam and it’s only offered three times a year (AND it’s expensive to take)?!

9. there’s a crazy scrapbook wall in the movie Everything is Illuminated. totally weird but kinda cool at the same time. but mostly weird.

10. my favorite seasonal ice cream is back….. Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie Ice Cream! mmmmmmmmmm!

11. i found almost-flat heeled, high leg brown boots that i LOOOOVE. unfortunately, i cannot find them in my size. not anywhere on line. sad. so very sad, especially since i have a birthday this week.

12. davey is downstairs in “childrens church” now. he LOVES it. last week he and henry got in a bit of trouble b/c they wouldn’t let addisen play with them b/c she’s a girl. we had a few talks about that this week. and i’m pleased to say that davey was nice to addisen (and all the other girls) this week. whew!

13. antique/vintage/thrift shopping is ADDICTING…. much like garage sailing!