the tree

i’ve been highly negligent in sharing our Christmas season with you. man, you add one more kid to the mix and all “order” goes down the tubes! she’s worth it, though. and i think you would all agree with me.

we finally purchased our tree last weekend (thank you, Carl’s Choose-n-Cut with a field of $20 trees!). it was a bit larger than i had anticipated (how does that happen to me every year? they look so LITTLE out in the field!) but after dave removed A FOOT from the bottom of the tree, we were able to bring it into the house. a few decorations and some new lights (we don’t need to talk about my issues with trying to understand why the strand of Christmas lights includes blue, yellow and orange? i’m seriously contemplating buying a strand of white lights to replace all those weird non-Christmasy colors) and two crazy munchkins and here’s what you get:

and a close up of the twins (my new nickname for davey & samantha):

(note: these photos were taken before the tree received the angel topper and the tree skirt to cover the base – just in case you were wondering!)

the kids and dave enjoyed some hot chocolate (i felt too sick for hot chocolate and opted for hot tea, instead):

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