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Christmas arrived

the kids were a wee bit excited on Christmas morning:

stockings are fair game. samantha’s got it down: just turn it over and dump it out. davey chose to pull out items one at a time.

alex had a few moments of being totally alert:

for breakfast, i made homemade cinnamon rolls:

yes, they were gluten free. davey chose to eat his mini m&ms for breakfast instead:

(the band aid on his head was in his stocking – the kids get a box each year. he chose to bump his head on the kitchen table so he would have an ow-ie so he could use a new band aid. he wore that thing ALL day). we tried to get davey to eat a bowl of cereal at least, but that didn’t work. he finally agreed to eat a graham cracker.

the cinnamon rolls weren’t very good. it’s the recipe i usually make, but this year, the gluten free flour made them grainy. and they didn’t puff like they normally do.

so i ended up eating a bowl of kix. (dave decided he’ll just stray from his gluten free eating next year… we currently have a whole pan of rolls that no one’s going to eat!).

dave and alex waiting to open gifts:

these two were SO EXCITED for presents this year. i think next year will be a VERY INTERESTING Christmas!

after stockings, breakfast, presents and getting ready at our house, we headed to dave’s parents’ house for round two….

davey started the morning on grandpa’s lap for the reading of luke 2 (the Christmas story) but samantha wound up there:

and by dinnertime, the littlest girl pictured here was all tuckered out from her first Christmas celebration:

almost Christmas

on Christmas Eve eve, davey had a “situation” with his jammies…. they got a little twisted….

poor kid…. we made him wait for a few photos before we helped him fix them!

and on Christmas Eve, while watching Elf with the family, davey had a very tender moment with his baby sister:

you can bet i’ll be zooming in on that photo and enlarging it for printing and scrapping!

the tree

i’ve been highly negligent in sharing our Christmas season with you. man, you add one more kid to the mix and all “order” goes down the tubes! she’s worth it, though. and i think you would all agree with me.

we finally purchased our tree last weekend (thank you, Carl’s Choose-n-Cut with a field of $20 trees!). it was a bit larger than i had anticipated (how does that happen to me every year? they look so LITTLE out in the field!) but after dave removed A FOOT from the bottom of the tree, we were able to bring it into the house. a few decorations and some new lights (we don’t need to talk about my issues with trying to understand why the strand of Christmas lights includes blue, yellow and orange? i’m seriously contemplating buying a strand of white lights to replace all those weird non-Christmasy colors) and two crazy munchkins and here’s what you get:

and a close up of the twins (my new nickname for davey & samantha):

(note: these photos were taken before the tree received the angel topper and the tree skirt to cover the base – just in case you were wondering!)

the kids and dave enjoyed some hot chocolate (i felt too sick for hot chocolate and opted for hot tea, instead):


it really is impossible to get a good photo of three little children… we attempted on sunday morning before church (we had a little extra time).

here’s the best picture of davey:

and the best picture of samantha:

and alex refused to cooperate at all, so here’s the best picture of her pouting:

she’s got a really good pouty face, don’t'cha think?!

5 months

how in the world is our little girl already over 5 months old? as with every other month, here i am, belatedly taking photos, sharing them and telling you about our little miracle!

at 5 months, this sweet little girl is still an amazing addition to our family. she is the most chill-axed baby we’ve ever experienced. her cries are still a sweet, mild wail. and they only happen when she’s hungry, has a poo-filled diaper or needs to burp and is lying down. she’s always been really good at providing a giant crocodile tear or two when she cries. she’s not the best night-time sleeper, though i’m praying for a change to that reality very soon! she’s still wearing size 1 or 1-2 diapers (at 5 months!). she wears clothing size 3-6 months (aka: 6 months). with her coloring, she still looks best in deep, dark, rich tones, though i love to see her in shades of purple and lavender, too. i don’t think she weighs 12 pounds quite yet. she’s more aware of the world around her. i think she knows her name. she reaches out for toys (she still mostly bats at them like a cat, but every once in awhile she’ll try to grab them). she looks more and more like her big brother every day. she’s still VERY serious and she limits the smiles she shares with the world. she’s very aware of her surroundings and she’s an observer (also much like her big brother).

the day before Thanksgiving, alex starting talking/cooing like crazy. she makes the sweetest little noises and sometimes dave and i just look at each other across the room and smile when we hear her. it’ll be so sweet when we finally hear her voice mixed in with those of davey and samantha. in the last 2 weeks alex has FINALLY (hallelujah and praise the Lord!) taken a bottle of formula! it’s been a LONG TIME COMING. she is the SLOWEST bottle drinker i’ve ever known. she nurses a full feeding in 8-20 minutes (depending on the time of day). but it takes her a good 45 minutes to drink a 5-6 ounce bottle. but i’m not complaining. i’m VERY THANKFUL that she will now drink from a bottle. (i think i feel some freedom heading my way!) she is definitely a pacifier girl (though, thankfully, not all the time) and for those of you who haven’t seen her munching away on her pacifier before… watch an episode of The Simpsons and just put Alex’s face and dark hair on Maggie’s head!

this girl is the sweetest addition to our home. she is adored by her big brother and sister. she is well loved by her daddy and mommy.


i wanted to take a moment to tell you how crazy we are. not crazy busy (though we usually are). but just plain crazy. crazy in the head. loco. psycho. wacko. whack-a-doodle. whatever you want to call it.

we are planning our family vacation for next year. and if all goes according to plan, we will be DRIVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY. i kid you not. dave, myself and our 3-year old, 2-year old and not-yet one year old. from here to montana (can’t wait to see the Wicklands’ new home!) and on to ohio (hooray for more Dunkins!) and then to pennsylvania (yep, this means you nana and NYC family) and then home again home again (jiggedy jig).

and because a post isn’t nearly as fun without a photo, here’s one of alex (slowly) drinking a bottle of formula (from dave):

this opens a whole new world of freedom for me…..

in other news. davey can zip his own coat. he did it for the first time on friday morning. i almost cried. and then he told me, “but mama, i’m SUPPOSED to grow up.” seriously? yes. he REALLY did say that. those words, even. i LOVE that kid!