still catching up

i can’t believe how UNinspired i’ve been to blog lately. sheesh!

thanksgiving was family-filled for us. we spent the day at dave’s parents’ house celebrating with LOTS of BEAUTIFUL snow (at least 4 inches), rachel & sterling, mary & flemming and mom & dad. davey and samantha did NOT nap ALL DAY. and we didn’t get home for them to go to bed until a little before 10. i kid you not. they were troopers all day (though they didn’t eat more than a bite of Thanksgiving dinner each). [my apologies to sweet Alexandra - i did NOT bundle her up and take her out in her first snow. perhaps i'll have the gumption to do so the next time we get some of the beautiful fluffy, cold, white stuff?!]

thanks to the joys of the world of the iPhone, while at dave’s parents’ house, i went from ZERO black friday plans to a fun shopping adventure plan! i picked up my friend, Karla, at 4 a.m. to hit some sales at the mall. we had a grand time skipping stores b/c the lines were so long (and then visiting and shopping at the same stores a bit later). i searched high and low (literally) for a shopping cart at Target (those things were all over the mall – everywhere BUT at target!). we got some good deals. not super-bonus-spectacular ones (i don’t think we bought any “door busters”) but we had fun shopping CHILD-FREE (karla has 4 children ages 5 and under – the youngest is Elijah, who is 48 minutes older than my Alexandra). we would publicly like to thank our amazing husbands for watching the kiddos for us! we were home by 10:30 am (i think).

after naptime for all of us (!) we headed back over to dad & mom’s house for round two of thanksgiving dinner (aka: left over plates) and more time with the family. this night, however, i insisted on having the kids in bed by a reasonable hour (shortly after 8), so dave dropped us off, helped with some of the bedtime routine and then returned to his parents’ house to watch a movie. something recommended by Danish Uncle Flemming…. it was subtitled. i spent my “free” time folding laundry, moving Christmas presents to a “hiding place,” putting naughty children back in bed and trying to stay awake long enough so i could go to sleep in my own bed (davey goes to sleep on our bed and then gets moved to his bed in the room he shares with samantha – it’s the best of a not-so-great situation)!

my goals for the rest of this long weekend: perhaps spend more time with extended family (depending on their schedules); take photos of my craft show “left overs” and prepare to send said photos to local stores for consignment possibilities; make a Christmas present shopping list; do more laundry (ugh – it’s NEVER ending!) and i’m not sure what else.

and since you need some photos, here are some of alex’s 4-month photo session with mama (i snuck into my own bedroom while davey was napping, “stole” the elephant, took the photos and returned the elephant before davey ever knew it was missing from his naptime!):

and yes, yes she is a serious baby. she does smile. she does coo. but not a whole lot. she’s an observer – reminds me of her big brother….!

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