before i forget

*davey can count to 14 by himself. and then he jumps to 16 and 19. guess we have to work on that a little.

*davey can say the whole alphabet correctly, including singing the song at the end “now i know my a b cs….”

*potty training is going pretty well. davey wears underwear wherever we go, though he still uses pull ups for naptime and bedtime.

*samantha can count to at least 10 by herself.

*samantha can jump with two feet (simultaneously).

*samantha knows every letter of the alphabet. she can say her abc’s and she can sing the ending song, too.

*samantha no longer says “na-ma” for grandma…. now she says “ga-ma!”

*alex has quite a bit of neck strength now. she can sit in the bumbo for short periods of time if it’s leaning against something (like the couch) and if she’s being supervised.

*alex has a triangular head. we’re working to re-arrange life at home so she will turn her head to the left instead of always turning it to the right.

*alex is finally 11 pounds! her official weigh-in (aka: 4-month well-baby check) is set for monday.

*alex has regressed in her sleep habits. most days she’s up every 3 hours ALL. DAY. and ALL. NIGHT. i’m quite exhausted.

*dave successfully completed 30 days of eating gluten free (and avoiding grains). it was a LONG process for us (probably around 50 days b/c we had to reset a few times). he is now gorging on snacks and goodies and foods with gluten. we’ll know soon if he feels he’s sensitive to it or not. he lost over 10 pounds, so he’s planning to continue with a “limited carbs” diet.

*we had a wonderful homemade Thai dinner (made by dave) a few weekends ago with dave’s boss and his wife. Bob & Audra were awesome – they kept handing out candy to our trick-or-treaters! we had a great time. the food was delicious. and i believe the dinner was a success!

*i have two craft shows this weekend. one started last night and ends on saturday. the other one is on saturday only. and that’s where i’ll be all day tomorrow (the show is 9-5) – at Lynden High School. i’m selling altered books, wreaths, scrabble tile word trays, keychains, magnetic clips, pacifier straps/clips, coffee bean art shadow boxes and a few other things. karla and i get to set up our booth tonight – i’m excited about that!

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