a belated call for candy

this is what our kids looked like a little less than a week ago:

we had a “pitty pincess,” “lightning da-queen,” and a baby tiger. many thanks to Karla for the loan of the princess items. many thanks to the garage sale sellers where i purchased Lightning McQueen ($2) and the tiger ($0.25).

i’m hoping that life will return to a more normal “routine” in about two weeks. the craft shows will be over and i will no longer spend almost every “free” moment making little felties and rolled fabric flowers and altered books…. i love doing those things, but i’m ready for a break. first show starts a week from last night. second show is a week from tomorrow. third show is two weeks from tomorrow. and then? the end of the shows and all my left overs will go into my etsy shop (which, apparently, i have had it sitting empty for about 3 years – i didn’t even know i had an etsy shop)!

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