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still catching up

i can’t believe how UNinspired i’ve been to blog lately. sheesh!

thanksgiving was family-filled for us. we spent the day at dave’s parents’ house celebrating with LOTS of BEAUTIFUL snow (at least 4 inches), rachel & sterling, mary & flemming and mom & dad. davey and samantha did NOT nap ALL DAY. and we didn’t get home for them to go to bed until a little before 10. i kid you not. they were troopers all day (though they didn’t eat more than a bite of Thanksgiving dinner each). [my apologies to sweet Alexandra - i did NOT bundle her up and take her out in her first snow. perhaps i'll have the gumption to do so the next time we get some of the beautiful fluffy, cold, white stuff?!]

thanks to the joys of the world of the iPhone, while at dave’s parents’ house, i went from ZERO black friday plans to a fun shopping adventure plan! i picked up my friend, Karla, at 4 a.m. to hit some sales at the mall. we had a grand time skipping stores b/c the lines were so long (and then visiting and shopping at the same stores a bit later). i searched high and low (literally) for a shopping cart at Target (those things were all over the mall – everywhere BUT at target!). we got some good deals. not super-bonus-spectacular ones (i don’t think we bought any “door busters”) but we had fun shopping CHILD-FREE (karla has 4 children ages 5 and under – the youngest is Elijah, who is 48 minutes older than my Alexandra). we would publicly like to thank our amazing husbands for watching the kiddos for us! we were home by 10:30 am (i think).

after naptime for all of us (!) we headed back over to dad & mom’s house for round two of thanksgiving dinner (aka: left over plates) and more time with the family. this night, however, i insisted on having the kids in bed by a reasonable hour (shortly after 8), so dave dropped us off, helped with some of the bedtime routine and then returned to his parents’ house to watch a movie. something recommended by Danish Uncle Flemming…. it was subtitled. i spent my “free” time folding laundry, moving Christmas presents to a “hiding place,” putting naughty children back in bed and trying to stay awake long enough so i could go to sleep in my own bed (davey goes to sleep on our bed and then gets moved to his bed in the room he shares with samantha – it’s the best of a not-so-great situation)!

my goals for the rest of this long weekend: perhaps spend more time with extended family (depending on their schedules); take photos of my craft show “left overs” and prepare to send said photos to local stores for consignment possibilities; make a Christmas present shopping list; do more laundry (ugh – it’s NEVER ending!) and i’m not sure what else.

and since you need some photos, here are some of alex’s 4-month photo session with mama (i snuck into my own bedroom while davey was napping, “stole” the elephant, took the photos and returned the elephant before davey ever knew it was missing from his naptime!):

and yes, yes she is a serious baby. she does smile. she does coo. but not a whole lot. she’s an observer – reminds me of her big brother….!

alex at 4 (months)

last saturday, alexandra turned 4 months old. four months already? yep. hard to believe that it was about 8 months ago that we were offered the “kind” and “understanding” words from a doctor in seattle that it would be okay if we “took measures” to protect the mom during delivery instead of the baby.

we knew right away that we would EXHAUST ALL MEASURES POSSIBLE to DELIVER this baby girl…. dead or alive. we were already in love with her. and here we are. eight months later and alexandra daisy sue dunkin is healthy, beautiful and amazing. i LOVE this little girl. who wouldn’t?

here’s a little glimpse of our youngest at FOUR months:

- 10 pounds, 7.5 ounces (5th percentile)

- 23 inches (10th percentile)

- still loves to play with her tongue

- still NOT sleeping through the night (and i’m very, VERY tired most of the time)

- wearing Huggies diapers size 1-2

- wearing mostly 0-3 month clothing (though her footie jammies are too short!)

- still has a VERY serious look on her face most of the time

- is VERY alert and VERY aware of her surroundings

- is still my easiest baby

- has a quiet (a wee bit raspy) cry

- has a nice bald spot on the back of her head but otherwise hasn’t lost any of her hair from birth

- has a triangular head from always turning to the right (we’ve taken some active measures to alter that – thankfully her amazing head of hair covers it!)

- LOVE, LOVE, LOVES her big brother and big sister

- is reaching for toys and batting at them (much like a cat)

- STILL will NOT drink from a bottle (will i EVER get a break?)

- tolerates bathtime (most of the time) but doesn’t really enjoy it

- has discovered it’s fun to suck on her hands/fists/fingers

- gets REALLY gassy (and mad!) if she isn’t burped after eating/feeding

- is a people watcher (yes, already!)

- was a seriously cute tiger for halloween (gotta love 25-cent garage sale costumes!)

- will sit in her bumbo (if it’s up against a couch on the floor) for a short period of time

- enjoys her swing and her floor play mat

- doesn’t scream during tummy time but doesn’t seem to enjoy it, either

- can smile but does so sparingly

- can coo but almost never utters a peep

- is fully loved and adored by her siblings and parents (and the rest of her relatives)

- isn’t a fan of her car seat (we went cheap-o when davey was born and we’re still using the same seat) but will fall asleep on a car ride

- almost always wants her pacifier when falling asleep

i love you so much, sweet alex. i do wish you would allow me to sleep through the night, but i know that will come in time. you are a beautiful little girl. our miracle from God. our priceless gift. may we continue to learn more about His love through your life!

before i forget

*davey can count to 14 by himself. and then he jumps to 16 and 19. guess we have to work on that a little.

*davey can say the whole alphabet correctly, including singing the song at the end “now i know my a b cs….”

*potty training is going pretty well. davey wears underwear wherever we go, though he still uses pull ups for naptime and bedtime.

*samantha can count to at least 10 by herself.

*samantha can jump with two feet (simultaneously).

*samantha knows every letter of the alphabet. she can say her abc’s and she can sing the ending song, too.

*samantha no longer says “na-ma” for grandma…. now she says “ga-ma!”

*alex has quite a bit of neck strength now. she can sit in the bumbo for short periods of time if it’s leaning against something (like the couch) and if she’s being supervised.

*alex has a triangular head. we’re working to re-arrange life at home so she will turn her head to the left instead of always turning it to the right.

*alex is finally 11 pounds! her official weigh-in (aka: 4-month well-baby check) is set for monday.

*alex has regressed in her sleep habits. most days she’s up every 3 hours ALL. DAY. and ALL. NIGHT. i’m quite exhausted.

*dave successfully completed 30 days of eating gluten free (and avoiding grains). it was a LONG process for us (probably around 50 days b/c we had to reset a few times). he is now gorging on snacks and goodies and foods with gluten. we’ll know soon if he feels he’s sensitive to it or not. he lost over 10 pounds, so he’s planning to continue with a “limited carbs” diet.

*we had a wonderful homemade Thai dinner (made by dave) a few weekends ago with dave’s boss and his wife. Bob & Audra were awesome – they kept handing out candy to our trick-or-treaters! we had a great time. the food was delicious. and i believe the dinner was a success!

*i have two craft shows this weekend. one started last night and ends on saturday. the other one is on saturday only. and that’s where i’ll be all day tomorrow (the show is 9-5) – at Lynden High School. i’m selling altered books, wreaths, scrabble tile word trays, keychains, magnetic clips, pacifier straps/clips, coffee bean art shadow boxes and a few other things. karla and i get to set up our booth tonight – i’m excited about that!

a belated call for candy

this is what our kids looked like a little less than a week ago:

we had a “pitty pincess,” “lightning da-queen,” and a baby tiger. many thanks to Karla for the loan of the princess items. many thanks to the garage sale sellers where i purchased Lightning McQueen ($2) and the tiger ($0.25).

i’m hoping that life will return to a more normal “routine” in about two weeks. the craft shows will be over and i will no longer spend almost every “free” moment making little felties and rolled fabric flowers and altered books…. i love doing those things, but i’m ready for a break. first show starts a week from last night. second show is a week from tomorrow. third show is two weeks from tomorrow. and then? the end of the shows and all my left overs will go into my etsy shop (which, apparently, i have had it sitting empty for about 3 years – i didn’t even know i had an etsy shop)!