over three months!

some of you probably missed alex’s 3-month birthday. just because i haven’t blogged about it (yet) doesn’t mean we forgot about her here. there was a bit of a delay, however, with me taking some 3-month old shots of her with the elephant (it’s my elephant that dave bought for me our first Christmas together and i’ve taken monthly shots of each child with it from birth through one year…. and davey has recently become addicted to the elephant, so it’s hard to wrestle it away from alex for a photo session). but i finally managed to sneak the elephant away from davey one day last week.

at three months old, my baby girl:

- finally reached 10 pounds

- is long & skinny

- is smiling a LOT

- is still solely nursing (we’re just now beginning to work on having her take a bottle – prior attempts have been a failure)

- still wakes up every 3-4 hours at night to eat (please tell me this “growth spurt” will end soon!)

- is wearing Huggies size 1-2 diapers

- wears clothing size 0-3 months

- has a long waist so some onesies are too short…. while the waist of most pants are far too large!

- can pop her shoulders out of her footed-jammies b/c she’s so long

- has long fingers and toes

- still has a head FULL of dark hair that prefers to stand straight up

- is much more aware of her surroundings

- LOVES her big brother and big sister and will tolerate just about any love they give her

- sometimes loves her baths and sometimes hates them

- is my least “spitty-uppy” child of all (hallelujah!)

- still has her fussiest period in the evening (around 7) and at that time of day, can often be heard screaming until she falls asleep (within minutes if she’s swaddled and has a pacifier)

- definitely needs a pacifier, but is not as attached to it as davey was (is) to his

- has an opinion and shares it with you (which often involves sticking out her tongue)

- is beginning to reach for toys on the arm of her car seat

- is beginning to study her hands

- has a little bald patch on the back of her head

- without fail, always turns her head to the right side for sleeping, watching people/tv/toys, etc.

- has definitely been “caught” staring at the television!

- has dark eyes – they may yet lighten up to look like mine (a hazel-ish color)!

- is called “Alex” by almost everyone who knows her (can’t say i’ve heard anyone call her “Daisy” in a long, long time)

- often has a VERY serious look on her face

- is still perfectly healthy

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