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stoney ridge

earlier this month, we attempted to go to stoney ridge farm on a saturday. it was a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL saturday. we arrived shortly after they opened and it was a ZOO. we had to park in an overflow lot. out in the boonies. and people were lined up on the street to get into the farm. we parked and i looked at dave and said “i can’t do this. not today.” so we backed out of our spot and drove away. no pumpkins. no apple cider donuts. no wagon ride. no apple picking.

instead, we had another family adventure at a park. but five days later, on a thursday, dave took the morning off work and we headed back to stoney ridge. we parked in the main lot. we entered quickly and easily. and though we were overrun with various school groups (lots of pre school classes!), we still had fun. and saw everything.

and we DID get our pumpkin. and an apple. and apple cider donuts. and a wagon ride. see for yourself:

(i plan to enlarge this one):

another year’s visit to the pumpkin patch complete.

the aquarium & food stuffs….

a few weekends ago we loaded the family into the Pathfinder and headed south. as with most of our adventures, things did not go as smoothly as hoped. dave and i were hungry (it was a late lunch time) so we stopped at the nearest Chipotle (which is over 90 minutes away from our home). Both kids had wet bottoms…. Sam’s diaper was too full as was Davey’s pull up. i had not packed extra clothing for either of them. i nursed alex while eating my lunch in Chipotle. and then once we were back on the road (the kids were sitting in their seats without their jeans so they could dry a bit!) we hit traffic.

it was pretty late by the time we got to the aquarium, but we were all excited to see the fish and animals. unfortunately for me (and for alex), i had left the baby bjorn at home (alex is not a fan of spending extra time in her car seat).

but despite the rainy weather, the dried pee-jeans, no baby bjorn and NO NAPS, we had a wonderful time:

the purpose of our adventure to seattle was not to actually visit the aquarium. it was to spend some time with Sterling & Rachel and their friends to celebrate Rachel’s birthday:

thanks for inviting us! dinner (at Bucca di Beppo) was yummy!

Sam enjoyed playing with the pepper shaker:

while Davey couldn’t get enough of Rachel’s birthday cake (which Sterling purchased from a bakery):

Dave, unfortunately, was unable to enjoy most of our evening goodies. He’s been trying a “30-days gluten & grain free” diet for well over 30 days now (we had about 4 restarts to the diet – did you know that SOY SAUCE has gluten in it? and even one tiny bite of a waffle ice cream cone means you have to restart completely – even though you’re on day 10?! even bloody mary mix has gluten in it. i kid you not). i think we’ve finally made it to day 21. (and he’s no longer going “grain-free.” he is trying to avoid it, but there’s corn starch and corn syrup in just about EVERYTHING, so avoiding it is too complicated, especially with my limited cooking skills). at day 30, he will evaluate how he feels and then reintroduce gluten to his diet. if there’s no difference, then he’s not sensitive to gluten and we can resume our “normal” food intake (actually, dave’s the only one going gluten free – i can not imagine doing that with the kids or myself right now). dave has, however, lost 10 pounds so he’s planning on continuing a very low-carb diet if he DOES add gluten back into his diet.

upcoming fun….

for my local family and friends, i want to tell you about something very cool that’s happening very soon:

when: Saturday, November 6th from 10am to 4pm
where: the Treasury Warehouse
what: Beautiful, unique photo decor gifts from Carly Tee and holiday papercrafting kits, vinyl and canvas from your Treasury gals. Plus tons of holiday inspiration!
admission: FREE!

Carly Tee is my dear friend from the scrapbook store where i used to work. She’s also the amazing photographer who took our family photos and some pictures of sweet Alexandra. i’m looking forward to this event and hope to see lots of you there with me!

over three months!

some of you probably missed alex’s 3-month birthday. just because i haven’t blogged about it (yet) doesn’t mean we forgot about her here. there was a bit of a delay, however, with me taking some 3-month old shots of her with the elephant (it’s my elephant that dave bought for me our first Christmas together and i’ve taken monthly shots of each child with it from birth through one year…. and davey has recently become addicted to the elephant, so it’s hard to wrestle it away from alex for a photo session). but i finally managed to sneak the elephant away from davey one day last week.

at three months old, my baby girl:

- finally reached 10 pounds

- is long & skinny

- is smiling a LOT

- is still solely nursing (we’re just now beginning to work on having her take a bottle – prior attempts have been a failure)

- still wakes up every 3-4 hours at night to eat (please tell me this “growth spurt” will end soon!)

- is wearing Huggies size 1-2 diapers

- wears clothing size 0-3 months

- has a long waist so some onesies are too short…. while the waist of most pants are far too large!

- can pop her shoulders out of her footed-jammies b/c she’s so long

- has long fingers and toes

- still has a head FULL of dark hair that prefers to stand straight up

- is much more aware of her surroundings

- LOVES her big brother and big sister and will tolerate just about any love they give her

- sometimes loves her baths and sometimes hates them

- is my least “spitty-uppy” child of all (hallelujah!)

- still has her fussiest period in the evening (around 7) and at that time of day, can often be heard screaming until she falls asleep (within minutes if she’s swaddled and has a pacifier)

- definitely needs a pacifier, but is not as attached to it as davey was (is) to his

- has an opinion and shares it with you (which often involves sticking out her tongue)

- is beginning to reach for toys on the arm of her car seat

- is beginning to study her hands

- has a little bald patch on the back of her head

- without fail, always turns her head to the right side for sleeping, watching people/tv/toys, etc.

- has definitely been “caught” staring at the television!

- has dark eyes – they may yet lighten up to look like mine (a hazel-ish color)!

- is called “Alex” by almost everyone who knows her (can’t say i’ve heard anyone call her “Daisy” in a long, long time)

- often has a VERY serious look on her face

- is still perfectly healthy

100% honest

honesty. it’s something we all value. but how often are we honest with ourselves? i’ve been in a personal battle for weeks. months. perhaps even years. and now that i’m finally taking some steps to deal with the situation, i feel it’s time for me to be transparently honest with all of my faithful friends. for a long, long time now, i’ve been riding the wave of my Christian education – elementary school, junior high, high school, college and even some graduate work. my on-going, daily and personal relationship with my Savior has been non-existant. and lately, i’ve been so bitter, frustrated, angry, tired, worn out and just plain “empty” that i knew i was at the end of my rope. it was time to take action. see, i’ve known for months now that i needed to get back in the Word. to spend time in prayer. to take action. but i continued to be lazy, self-defeating and prideful. i wanted it to be easy. but at no point in history did God ever tell us it would be easy to follow Him. as a mother of three, i admit that it’s even more difficult to MAKE time to spend in His Word. (we all already know about my pet peeve regarding “having” or “finding” time to do things – in short, i believe we make time for what is important to us, whether it be eating, sleeping, playing, shopping, etc., but i digress….). many, MANY thanks to a very dear friend who recently shared her concern with me… she was making sure i wasn’t trying to fill my cup with only my husband, my kids and my friends. she wanted to make sure i was actively pursuing God to allow Him to fill my cup. it was exactly what i needed to hear from someone other than myself. to know that my friends see a (not so great) difference in me. it was beyond time for action.

so today, i picked up my Bible study book (the Bible study that i have dropped out of based on our too-busy weekly schedule) and wouldn’t you know it, but right there in the second chapter, God encouraged me; taught me; reprimanded me; loved me. and He reminded me that He WANTS to spend time with me.

so today i wanted to be honest with all of you. to tell you that for the past few months (years?) i have failed my Father. my husband. my kids. my family & friends. and myself. and that ends today. today i resume my walk. i get up from the bench or the rock where i took a long, LONG break and i resume my journey. i miss my Friend. the One i can always count on. the One who knows me inside and out. the only One who can fill my cup so i can, in turn, love others. and today we have been reunited.

so friends, when you think of me, feel free to pray for me. when you see me, feel free to ask me what i’m learning. to ask me what God is teaching me.

she’s two!?

dear samantha,

it seems like you’ve been two years old forever… but today is finally the day. your 2nd birthday. you are a bundle of energy. you can go from 0 to 60 in about 5 seconds… and you go from 60 to 0 in about 5 seconds as well. you play hard. you crash hard. you are full of life and energy from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep. at the same time, you are loving and gentle. you are my child who will always give a hug. who always wants to sit on someone’s lap. it took you a LONG time to say more than four words (baba, mama, dada and ba-bo which stood for everything else) but now you share your heart with us throughout the day. most of the time i understand what you say, too. you’re beginning to speak in (short) complete sentences. you have a sweet voice which belies your 90th and 95th percentile statistics for your height and weight. you’re wearing size 3T clothing (and have been since the summer). you have an opinion (and you express it) regarding your daily attire. pink (which, until recently, you said “peep”) and purple are your favorite colors. you’re wearing size 6 diapers (my genius idea of potty training you and davey together a few weeks ago lasted all of 2 hours) and you would drink milk (from a bottle) and eat cheese all day, all the time, if i would let you. you used to be my best eater, but that has changed over the last month or two. you love to watch Bolt, Monsters Inc. (“monsers”), Caillou (“Tai-you”), Super Why (“Fuper Y”) and the Care Bears (“tare bears”). you love to make tea in your kitchen, play with your dollies and playing fun games with your big brother. you almost always have a smile on your face and your smile + your laughter are infectious. you love to help mommy (especially with Baby Alex – or “Baby Addax” as you used to call her).

samantha jane, you are a daily delight to your daddy and i. davey asks about you anytime you’re not around (and you do the same!). our lives would not be as energized as they are if you had never been born. we are so thankful for you, sweet daughter, to have you in our family.

we had a fun party for samantha last night. as a special treat, i let her wear my tiara (i wore it when dave & i got married) b/c she loves to be a “pitty pincess!” many thanks to the family members that were able to attend and help us celebrate our wonderful daughter… and to the Dyck family… you may not be family by blood, but you’re still family!