we’re at a condo about 30 minutes from our house. we’re enjoying an indoor swimming pool. the sunshine. the beach (northwest WA’s version of a beach, that is, my dear east-coast and southern Cali friends!). and family time. i LOVE family time. here are just a few images for you to enjoy.

i’m thankful for simple pleasures in life – like throwing rocks into the water!

and for shadow family photos:

and i’m thankful for these boots, borrowed from Karla:

(Sam is also wearing boots borrowed from Karla).

and for a beautiful Tuesday….

…where we had most of the beach/state park to ourselves:

and for finally learning what this one

seems to like and need

and i’m thankful for my little “point and shoot” camera that does a pretty darn good job taking cool photos like this:

even though it’s more than 3 years old!

and i’ve decided that we WILL have a family photo shoot here in september or october a year or two from now (when alex can walk) – be prepared, carly!  :)

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