my secret

lots of people tell me i’m hyper-organized. lots of people are impressed with my organizational skills. but i have my secrets, too. wanna see one of them?

this is what my laundry room looked like during play group today (and what it’s looked like for the past week or two)!

- the laundry basket on the left against the wall below the “pantry” shelves is dirty laundry. that basket was empty for all of 5 minutes early yesterday. and now it’s full again. i’m currently in the process of emptying it again.

- the two laundry baskets in front of the washer and dryer are clean clothing that needs folding and sorting. since taking this photo i’ve folded and sorted but i still need to put it all away.

- the giant plastic bag in the lower right corner of the photo is garage sale stuff i need to disinfect and put away.

- under the bag is a plastic tote of clean baby toys that need a home

- the stuff on top of the washer and dryer? um, yeah. that’s just my mess. stuff that has no home (like the plastic tub full of bottles for alex on the top right). or things that need to be returned to other people. or reusable bags to put in the car for trips to the grocery store (and other places).

- the pile on the lower left in front of the door is a plastic (vinyl?) tablecloth that i FINALLY removed from our dining room table. who knows how long it will reside in the laundry room before i clean it and put it away. (should i tell you that it’s counterpart, an all pink one, has been outside on a deck chair “to dry” for over two months?!).

so there you have it. i have a secret. i’m NOT always neat, organized, tidy and, well, getting things done. do you feel better about yourself now?  :)

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