another sneak peek

my friend and photographer bud, carly, posted another SNEAK PEEK from our family photo shoot. i’m getting more and MORE excited to see these photos! and alex’s baby acne is clearing up…. though her cradle cap is massive (and yellow)… poor baby girl!


time for me to go fold some (4 loads of) laundry!


p.s.  i know we never got my new site design up and running here (wasn’t the goal to have it up by the end of february or something like that?), but new changes are coming. i’m not sure when. i’m not really sure what. but it should be easier to read. easier to use. easier to navigate. AND you should be able to read my posts on your iPhone…. but i repeat: i have NO IDEA WHEN this will be ready. dave’s busy working on it, but he wants to make sure that all my past content (aka: my YEARS of blog posts) will be accessible from the new site. i’ll keep ya posted!




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