almost ready

davey is 3 years and (almost) 2 months old. samantha is (almost) 23 months old. one day last month, i spent over $100 on diapers (sizes 4, 5 and 6, so that doesn’t include diapers for alexandra). dave is MORE than ready. i’m ready. and the kids? i think they’re both ready. ready to be potty trained. so the plan is to potty train both toddlers at the same time. soon. like later this month or at the beginning of october. in preparation for this, we’ve been talking about the potty a lot.

on sunday, samantha kept saying she had poo (she frequently says this even when she only has pee) in her diaper. she was ripping toots like crazy, so i took her into the bathroom to change her stinky diaper (this was, mind you, only 5 minutes after i changed her very wet diaper). but there was nothing there. nothing. clean and dry.

before i could replace her diaper, however, i saw that she was arching her back and lifting her bottom off the floor. i asked if she wanted to sit on the potty and she said “no.” but i placed her there anyway. she started to fuss a little so we sang songs. lots of songs. and after awhile, when she said she wanted to get down, there it was. a little present in the potty. her poo. her first experience with using the potty!

i ran to grab the camera but she flushed the evidence before i got back into the bathroom.

2 thoughts on “almost ready

  1. woohoo! way to go, sam!!!!! :) my big suggestion when you do really start training is to just stay home – for at least 3 or 4 days. give them lots to drink the first couple days so that they have to go more and get used to it faster. (salty snack treats will help them want to drink more) i think doing them both at the same time is a good idea – good luck!

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