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we’re at a condo about 30 minutes from our house. we’re enjoying an indoor swimming pool. the sunshine. the beach (northwest WA’s version of a beach, that is, my dear east-coast and southern Cali friends!). and family time. i LOVE family time. here are just a few images for you to enjoy.

i’m thankful for simple pleasures in life – like throwing rocks into the water!

and for shadow family photos:

and i’m thankful for these boots, borrowed from Karla:

(Sam is also wearing boots borrowed from Karla).

and for a beautiful Tuesday….

…where we had most of the beach/state park to ourselves:

and for finally learning what this one

seems to like and need

and i’m thankful for my little “point and shoot” camera that does a pretty darn good job taking cool photos like this:

even though it’s more than 3 years old!

and i’ve decided that we WILL have a family photo shoot here in september or october a year or two from now (when alex can walk) – be prepared, carly!  :)

bellingham antiques…

i had a grand time yesterday at the Bellingham antique stores with my dear friend, Julie (my apologies for the VERY blurry photo):

her 4-year old daughter, Elise, joined us, as did Alexandra (who conked out in the B’jorn). D&S were being watched and loved by another very dear friend of mine, Carrilee.

we started at the store on the left:

it’s a sketchy kinda place where the owner prefers to deal in cash and i’m not so sure if all his income gets reported or what we might be funding when we shop there. but we found an old printers’ tray with some metal letters and numbers in it!

some of these letters and numbers DEFINITELY came home with us!

then we were all excited to head next door to Penny Lane

the window displays were SO inviting. and we were CRUSHED to discover that it was closed. there was no sign taped to the door stating WHY they were closed. we were seriously disappointed. we LONGED to walk through those doors into another world of wonderful discovery! but, alas, we had to simply cross the street and visit another shop: Old Towne. we spent a LONG time at OT and there are two purchases i did not make that i am currently regretting. regretting so much that i might have to drive into town (child free) on saturday to make the purchases. because i MUST. HAVE. THEM. and i’m not telling you what they are in case you go snag them first!

downstairs from OT is Aladdin. it’s dark and dusty but there were some cool finds. elise loved the fun house mirror attached to the side of a display:

we whizzed through the store, however, since we were running very short on time. i found a cool old photography book but i let julie buy it (‘cuz she knows more about photography than i do; maybe i’ll find one for dave another day). julie and i both hit major MEMORY LANE at one booth in Aladdin. cool old lunch boxes and old fisher price toys. memories from our childhood!

julie and i both think we owned that Holly Hobbie lunch box at one time. i’m pretty sure i had a Strawberry Shortcake one, too.

this booth had SO MANY lunch boxes. it was a crazy trip back in time for me. there was even a Shirt Tales thermos… i KNOW i had a shirt tales lunch box!

we were almost out of time for the day so we finished up at Aladdin and walked back to the car… and it was then that i realized i had forgotten to feed the meter. and we got caught:

see that yellow thing on the windshield? it’s not a flyer announcing some new Hippie Day in Bellingham. it is, instead, a $10 parking ticket, payable to the City of Bellingham. sigh.

we didn’t let that ruin our need for an afternoon snack, however. we headed into Rocket Donut to use the restroom, wash our hands and get a tasty treat.

julie and i both had a bavarian cream (they are SO GOOD at rocket donut – FILLED almost to overflowing with that tasty pudding/cream) while elise had a donut with pink icing and colorful sprinkles (one of dave’s favorites, too – he calls it the Simpsons donut). alex got to eat, too (but no donuts for her!) and then i let her lie on the floor (on the diaper changing pad) and she was very content:

she loves to ride around in the bjorn, but i think she was long overdue for some time to simply lie down and kick and wiggle and look around.

overall, we didn’t do too much damage. here’s what came home with me:

i was a wee bit addicted to buttons and i hand picked every one of those. the stamps were all in a bag together and i thought they were fun. i fell in LOVE with those Three Little Pigs playing cards. the instructions inside the box are dated 1946. and do you see that sugar cube with the seattle space needle on it (on the right side next to the “T” card)? that’s from the world’s fair in 1962. i kid you not. i plan to throw away the cube but keep (and use) the wrapper.

and now we have to coordinate our schedules so we can make a trip downtown again to enjoy a visit to Penny Lane…..

another repeat perhaps?

this photo may be a repeat, too, but it’s another favorite. i know i shared it on facebook when i took it a week or two ago:

hooray for thursday! we have Bible study this morning. then the kids will head to auntie carrilee’s house to eat lunch, play, nap and play some more while alex and i join up with my friend Julie and her youngest daughter, Elise and we go to bellingham to visit some antique stores! we’ve been TRYING to do this since may. or june. but my pregnancy with Baby Daisy put a damper on things…. limited activity and bed rest kinda ruined any outings for me. so we FINALLY get to go…. woo hoo!


this photo may be a repeat, but it’s so cute that i just can’t resist sharing it!

she is such a joy and a delight….. i LOVE this little girl!

we’ve been keeping (very) busy lately, despite my hopes that life would slow down. for my memory more than for your amusement:

Thursday (16): Bible study began – Alex’s first visit to the nursery at church! dave’s parents home from their trip. they stopped by to see the kids (and i) while dave was still at work

Friday (17): invited dave’s parents over for pizza for dinner

Saturday (18): garage sales, thrift store, tidying and purging around the house (i discovered the show “Hoarders” and am sufficiently GROSSED OUT!) followed by a family trip to Bellingham for dinner at Red Robin and some shopping/returning at the mall. we bought samantha’s bike helmet (she INSISTED on the disney princess one, much to my dismay. i really wanted the cute flowered helmet, but it was her choice…..). at kohls, i spent $0.43 to purchase 2 pairs of pants for samantha and a polo shirt for dave (i used $10 kohls cash which i received for signing up for their e-mail list and a $10 off $20 coupon from my discover card)!

Sunday (19): dave missed SS (logos emergency) but we all attended church. accomplished MORE things around the house. had an impromptu dinner at his parents house (dave made burgers for everyone!)

Monday (20): play group at Barb’s

Tuesday (21): play date at Cece’s house followed by Alex’s photoshoot with Carly Tee. rough afternoon with the kiddos so after dinner we all took a much needed walk around the block (and D&S rode their bikes – SO CUTE!)

Wednesday (22): supposed to be a “stay at home all day” day but we visited the grocery store (the kids and i!). samantha continued to be an extraordinarily difficult child. she simply refused to listen and obey ALL. DAY. and she got in trouble for it ALL. DAY.


many of you know my story about knowing what days dr. mallory, my doctor of choice, was on call in late june and early july so he could be the one to deliver sweet Baby Daisy. for about 3 weeks, i knew the on call schedule at Bellingham OB-GYN better than the partners did! and, in the end, dr. mallory returned from vacation and his first day back to work was the day daisy was born.

you would THINK that with all my anxiety, prayers, hopes and scheduling insider info, i would have taken a photo of dr. mallory holding Baby Daisy in the hospital. um. oops. didn’t happen. right after Alex was born, i forgot. then when he came back to the room, alex was eating. then when he came back again, our families were in the room. i think he even tried ONE. MORE. TIME (he knew i wanted a picture of him with alex) but he never wanted to take sweet alex out of any of our arms after all the stress and uncertainty during the pregnancy.

i finally had my post-partum appointment with dr. mallory back on friday, 9/10 (alex was 8 and a half weeks old). he got to hold the little peanut and marvel at the miracle she is. he also complimented me on my weight loss (20 pounds) even though i’m frustrated because i still have another 20 to go!

i was quite upset when i learned that Dr. Tu, my OB doctor for D&S (she even delivered both of them, too!) was moving back to Seattle and would not be around for my third pregnancy. there aren’t many options in bellingham (and none in lynden) for OB care, so i felt trapped. and i hoped and prayed that i would like at least one of the four partners at BOGA. for some people, dr. mallory is too technical in his explanations. for me, that was just what i needed (especially with this pregnancy!). additionally, he has a very calming voice and he doesn’t seem to get his feathers ruffled too easily – again, just what i needed, especially with this last pregnancy!
while my objective has been to lose weight, alex’s objective has been to gain weight. on tuesday 9/14, alexandra had her 2-month well baby appointment with dr. dickson, our family doctor. the big reveal happened on the office scale:

she was FINALLY over 8 pounds! hooray for sweet alexandra! for some general comparison, at 2 months, davey weighed 9lb 1oz and samantha weighed 10lb 10oz. at least early on, it appears that alex is going to grow like her big brother – slowly.

meet robby

what happens when your husband doesn’t make a purchase on Woot one day and ends up at Costco a few days later? he brings home a new toy. in our house, the new toy is named Robby. wanna see him?

we all love Robby. he’s pretty cool. the kids are enthralled by him. for now, at least. Robby is an iRobot Roomba. for those of you who don’t know, he’s a vacuum cleaner. and he operates himself. we just clear the floor, turn him on and away he goes! he works way better than our regular vacuum and i have no idea how we have lived for so many years without him in our home!

playing with scissors

this is what happens when you let me loose in a room with paper, scissors, photos and other fun do-dads:

this one still looks a little bare in the upper right corner, so i might go back and add something (like a title?):

i used my new typewriter (from THIS POST) on this layout:

(there’s just enough ink left on the ribbon that i can actually USE the typewriter)!

i had fun digging through my “numbers” bin to find some twos… many of these are pieces from decks of cards or other games that i purchased at garage sales or the thrift store this summer:

not sure what’s up with the coloring here b/c those tickets on the bottom and the arrows on the top are red, not orange, but you get the idea. i wanted to document our bedtime routine with the kiddos since it’s something we do ALL. THE. TIME!

the letters for the word “captured” started out a funky green color. i painted them black but my black paint is actually “charcoal” which is more gray and that didn’t work for me with this layout, so after painting the letters and letting them dry, i sprayed them with some mist which gives them a cool shine and allows the charcoal color to work.

i’m loving that old trim – it was purchased at a garage sale this summer!

a two-pager?! yep. a two-pager!

(those three buttons were on a infant shirt that someone gave to me at a sale last weekend).

yep… ANOTHER two-page layout here! i have to add journaling, which is what i plan to do in that large open (aka: “white”) space on the left page.

the magic of carly tee photography – part one

my sweet friend and former boss Carly (she was an assistant manager at Treasury of Memories where i taught card making classes) is a full time photographer these days and she’s got skills. a few weeks ago (perhaps a month ago already?) she drove up to lynden to spend some time with the Dunkin family of 5 at Lynden City Park (my first choice venue was “off limits” for photos until after Labor Day Weekend). dave and i are both VERY PLEASED with the results. here are some of my favorite photos:

there are a few more photos i want to share from this session, but i’ll save those for another rainy day. i should also point out that our DVD from carly included color and B&W images of each photo. i’ve already had some of these photos printed and i’m eager to play with them up in my craft space!!

MANY THANKS to Carly for her talent and i’m looking forward to seeing her again next week when we do a photo session of Alex (she wasn’t too cooperative during our family session and she had a bad case of baby acne that i did not want photographed!). if you’re anywhere in western washington, Carly’s prices are affordable, she’s easy to get along with, has GREAT ideas for photo shoot locations and themes and, as you can tell from the photos above, she’s a talented photographer.

she’s two months old!

yesterday (the 13th) Alexandra turned 2 months old. it feels like she’s always been here. we’ve settled into life with three kids quite successfully (not easily, mind you!) and it’s hard to remember what life was like before this sweet girl made her arrival.

-  8 lbs 8.5 oz (5th%) and 22 in (50th%)

- got 3 shots and 1 oral vaccine at today’s appointment. poor, sweet little girl!

- can smile

- laughed once for dave (i haven’t heard it yet)

- has JUST moved from newborn to 0-3 month clothing

- is wearing Huggies diapers size 1-2 (for less than a week!)

- typically sleeps from (approximately) 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. * eats every 3-4 hours during the day

- has not yet taken a bottle. hopefully this will change soon!  ;)

- experiences her fussiest (by far!) time of the day beginning around 6:30 pm until (finally) falling asleep

- sneezes (twice in succession) at least once a day

- has horrific cradle cap

- had a bad bout of baby acne that lasted for 2-3 weeks

- sometimes will tolerate a bath – most of the time hates it

- has only lost about 5 strands of hair

- loves to spend time in her swing

- loves to be upright (so she’s happy riding around in the baby bjorn)

- seems to be an easy and content baby. she goes with the flow. takes all the kisses (and there are LOTS of them) from her brother and sister.

- on occasion, can be really difficult to burp

- i think her eyes will eventually be like mine and davey’s – “hazel” with lots of blue and grey

- has stolen the hearts of our entire family

we all love you, alexandra, and are so thankful to have you as the perfect addition to our family!

my secret

lots of people tell me i’m hyper-organized. lots of people are impressed with my organizational skills. but i have my secrets, too. wanna see one of them?

this is what my laundry room looked like during play group today (and what it’s looked like for the past week or two)!

- the laundry basket on the left against the wall below the “pantry” shelves is dirty laundry. that basket was empty for all of 5 minutes early yesterday. and now it’s full again. i’m currently in the process of emptying it again.

- the two laundry baskets in front of the washer and dryer are clean clothing that needs folding and sorting. since taking this photo i’ve folded and sorted but i still need to put it all away.

- the giant plastic bag in the lower right corner of the photo is garage sale stuff i need to disinfect and put away.

- under the bag is a plastic tote of clean baby toys that need a home

- the stuff on top of the washer and dryer? um, yeah. that’s just my mess. stuff that has no home (like the plastic tub full of bottles for alex on the top right). or things that need to be returned to other people. or reusable bags to put in the car for trips to the grocery store (and other places).

- the pile on the lower left in front of the door is a plastic (vinyl?) tablecloth that i FINALLY removed from our dining room table. who knows how long it will reside in the laundry room before i clean it and put it away. (should i tell you that it’s counterpart, an all pink one, has been outside on a deck chair “to dry” for over two months?!).

so there you have it. i have a secret. i’m NOT always neat, organized, tidy and, well, getting things done. do you feel better about yourself now?  :)