time to rest

it’s saturday night. the garage sale is over. i still have to run around town and cash checks (which means find a baby sitter so i don’t have to run into 5 banks with 3 kids!) and then finish the "money earned" tallies and divide up the money. it’s been an EXHAUSTING 2.5 days. and yesterday and today were crazy HOT (a bit unbearable today, actually), but the sale it over. i’m taking tomorrow to relax and reclaim my house (so maybe i’ll reclaim my house tomorrow and relax on monday?) and then it’s back to BUSINESS with working on alex’s announcements and thank you cards…. soon, i promise.


additionally, yesterday (firday), my sweet bundle of cute tiny-ness turned ONE MONTH. so i have to do an "Alex at One Month" blog post and photo session, too. i promise i’ll get back here with regular posts and photos now that this sale is over. 


trust me, the sale was HUGE. GINORMOUS. overwhelming, at times. but it was very successful and very well organized and i learned a few things. so i’ll be sharing some "hosting a garage sale" lessons soon, too. but now it’s time for me to rest for the evening. the laundry can wait another day to be folded… it’s already waited 3 days, what’s one more?! 

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