wow! it’s been a long time since i’ve blogged… my apologies to all who check here regularly! we’ve had a fairly busy week with lots of time spent away from the house.


monday – davey & samantha spent a few hours with grandpa & grandma while alexandra and i ran errands in bellingham (target, macy’s, costco and walmart). 

tuesday – davey & samantha had a morning "play date" with an older lady from our church in the morning (and i started the monumental task of cleaning our home office – ugh!)!

wednesday – davey had his 3-year check up at the doctor’s office. he weighs 27.5 lbs (2.5 pounds less than his "little" sister! and in the 10th percentile) and he’s 37.5 inches tall (1/2 an inch taller than samantha and in the 50th percentile) and has 20/10 vision (better than an eagle) and is on target developmentally with everything OTHER than potty training. additionally, i read some items that he should be doing between this visit and his next check up (at age 4) and he’s already able to do about 90% of the items on the list! 


additionally, alexandra accompanied us for that doctor’s appointment so we could do a weight check and she was up to 6 pounds 14.5 ounces. still a peanut at 3 weeks & 1 day old, but gaining weight. additionally, she’s grown an inch since birth!


that night, alex ate at 9 p.m. she was sound asleep in her bed by 10 p.m. and i didn’t hear from her until 4 a.m. that means she went 7 hours between feedings and slept for 6 hours. so i got 5 straight hours of sleep b/c i was asleep by 11. it took samantha EIGHT VERY LONG MONTHS to sleep her first 6-hour stretch. praise God alex is NOT following in her big sister’s footsteps regarding newborn/infant sleep patterns! 


thursday – davey & samantha had ANOTHER play "date" with people from church while i spent FOUR HOURS putting items on hangers and pricing items for our upcoming garage sale (next weekend the 13th & 14th). it was not a fun 4 hours for me, but it was good to get it done. and i discovered that i’m missing a bag of baby girl clothing, so if i let anyone else look through it to buy stuff and you haven’t returned it yet, please let me know…. thanks!


today was our first "at home" day of the week and we actually got in the car by 8:30 to try to find some deals at a few garage sales. it was NOT a good day (for us) for sailing, however, as we purchased almost nothing. hopefully tomorrow will yield some good finds. 


i’m looking forward to next week. we have very little on our calendar for the week AND by 1 p.m. on saturday, the garage sale will be 100% finished (including clean-up)! and even though i’m looking forward to hosting our annual garage sale with friends, i’m also looking forward to having it be O.V.E.R. 


finally, i’ve spent the better part of this week editing photos, ATTEMPTING to learn how to use photoshop to work on alex’s thank you cards AND her birth announcements (i have not yet figured out how to create EITHER one – so frustrating) and ATTEMPTING to upload my 266 photos to the photo developer we use (their site is having issues with my laptop – no matter WHAT platform i use). i’m currently in the process of selecting each photo INDIVIDUALLY from the "to order" file and then i’m uploading them in batches of 12 to the site. so it’s taken all day and i’m not finished yet. what. a pain!


hopefully i can return to regular blog posts AND more photos next week. 

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