heat wave

this has been a WEIRD summer. our weather has been cold and cold and cold, with very few exceptions. this past weekend and the early part of this week were/are part of the exceptions. it was so hot on sunday that dave decided to go swimming with the kids:



and then we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream (which was our dinner – so healthy, i know!):


davey had a hot fudge sundae. samantha had a strawberry sundae (she doesn’t seem to like chocolate all that much – whose kid is she, anyway?!) dave enjoyed a snickers blizzard while i had a reeses peanut butter cup blizzard (with chocolate, not vanilla, ice cream). dave’s parents enjoyed banana splits.


and i think i have now learned that alex has a hard time about a day after i eat chocolate. so no more chocolate for me for quite some time to come!

One thought on “heat wave

  1. No more chocolate?!?! That is very sad. I do remember giving up chocolate for about an entire week for Bethany. It seemed if I ate just a little, she was OK. It was the double chocolate fudge brownies (and probably chocolate blizzards with RPBC) that did her in. ;) I hope it helps Alex, though.

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