birch bay

last sunday we ventured out to birch bay along with dad&mom, tom, jeff & taryn to celebrate all the JULY birthdays in our family (alexandra, davey, jeff and dave). we roasted hot dogs for dinner and marshmallows for s’mores for dessert. thanks, jeff & taryn and dad& mom for bringing the food(s)!




a few weeks ago, jeff and taryn took mom to la conner for the day to celebrate her (a belated mother’s day gift). while roaming the antique shops, jeff found this pin that reads “Virginia City Deputy Nevada Terr.” since he was born in nevada, he really wanted the pin. and then he realized it would be a great birthday gift for his 3-year old nephew. davey has no idea what a “deputy” is (uncle jeff tried to explain) but he was pretty happy with the extra attention from his uncle and auntie:


wanna see a photo of some twins? these two have the same hair-do:

 uncle jeffy loving on baby alex


and one last photo, stolen from taryn’s facebook account:



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