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take me out to the ballgame

for the past several years, i’ve been asking dave to take me to a baseball game… the Seattle Mariners. back when i was still single, my roommate, christy, and i were late to church (or was it work?) one day because we were watching tv – we were watching the city of seattle blow up (or down?) the kingdome (which wasn’t yet paid off…. but don’t get me started). then they built this new stadium… and it’s pretty darn sweet.

earlier this month, dave received an e-mail invitation from his boss (the owner and CEO of logos bible software!) to join him, his wife and a number of other colleagues at a Mariners game… in a private suite! we responded immediately. i fear, however, that i am now forever spoiled with regard to attending a baseball game. a private suite? a hamburger bar (including hot dogs, pulled pork, bbq spare ribs, bbq baked beans, potato salad and caesar salad) plus appetizers, nachos and then cupcakes and brownies and cookies? plus popcorn and peanuts? quite nice. yeah, i’d say quite nice.

here’s the view from the outside of the suite, overlooking the field:

and this is the view from inside, looking through the folding windows (that were open) to the outside:

it was a beautiful day, a quick game (the mariners lost 1-0 to the minnesota twins) and a fun activity for the Dev. Leads (development – aka: the computer geeks, as i lovingly refer to my husband) and their wives. many thanks to bob and audra for hosting such a fun event!

bob & audra:

dave, tam and alex:

bradley & susan:

the rode down with us. and i must point out that susan works in development, too. so they are a pair of computer geeks. but she’s also girlie and likes to shop and we get along well!

ed & julie:

you’ve met julie a lot over the past few months. and we finally got a decent photo of us together:

jimmy & hillary:

(dave used to be jimmy’s boss when they worked at DIS. and then jimmy left. and then dave joined him at Logos and jimmy was dave’s boss. now bradley, i think, is dave’s immediate boss).

(and my apologies to the other couples who attended and i did not take your photo – it was not intentional!)

the view inside the suite:

pretty nice digs, eh?

and i must admit, i know almost NOTHING about baseball. and the only name on the mariners’ roster that is familiar to me is Ichiro. but i do know that it was ALMOST an epic day. an infield hit by Ichiro would have been some big deal (my friend julie knows the details here) so when he was up to bat the entire stadium waited… but we were not meant to witness baseball greatness, apparently. but i snapped some photos of him at bat, just in case he DID make his grand hit!

all-in-all, it was a wonderful day. and now i can stop bugging dave to take me to a mariners’ game!

just the five of us

though my husband is a wonderful photographer, it’s hard to be the photographer and take photos of your own family if you want to be included in those photos! so on saturday morning we met with my dear friend, Carly of Carly Tee Photography at Lynden City Park for a family photo shoot.


The weather was a little crummy (we won’t talk about how nice it got in the afternoon) and i don’t know WHAT i was thinking by trying to have a family photo shoot with a newborn and all my baby weight, but we had a great time and it was SO GOOD to see Carly again. we were supposed to do Alex’s newborn photo shoot after the family shoot, too, but she came down with a bad case of baby acne, so we’re rescheduling…. which means i’ll get to see Carly again soon!


As a favor to us (as part of a project for a friend), Carly sent us one of her favorite shots immediately. Later this week she’ll have a sneak peek on her blog and then we’ll get a DVD in the mail with lots of photos. So here it is, the very first photo we’ve ever had of ALL FIVE OF US:


thanks, Carly, for the great morning, the tasty snacks (that were part of the photo shoot) and for being such a wonderful friend!

belated 1 month

Alexandra at (approximately) ONE MONTH:


- hopefully over 7 pounds by now (won’t know her official weight until 2 months)

- stil has a full head of hair (hasn’t lost any yet)

- still has DARK hair (though in good light you can see some brown in it)

- eats well (and quickly – usually on 20 minutes to eat – though burping is another story!)

- sleeps well (she’s already provided one 8-hour nighttime stretch!), though she usually eats every 3-4 hours

- is calmed when i play with her hair or lightly stroke down her nose 

- cries if she’s hungry, needs to burp or has a poopy diaper

- doesn’t seem to mind the extra attention and love she receives from Davey & Samantha

- is (thus far) the easiest of all our babies

- still wears newborn diapers and clothing

- her umbilical cord took FOREVER to fall off (night of 7/31 or morning of 8/1)

- has already celebrated 3 birthdays with 3 parties (Davey, Daddy and Uncle Jeff)

- has attended the Raspberry Festival, church, play group, Daddy’s company picnic at Hovander Park, a semi-pro football game (Bellingham Bulldogs), garage sales, and an extended family fire at Birch Bay

- has already visited Daddy’s office (once) and Treasury’s warehouse location

- prefers to be upright and will likely enjoy riding in the Baby Bjorn (D&S loved it, too)!

- prefers the $5 bouncy seat i purchased at a garage sale to the vibrating seat borrowed from a friend

- looks good in lavender/lilac colors

- might end up with green/hazel eyes (like mama and Davey)

- does seem to be bothered when i eat chocolate, dairy (especially ice cream and cheese) and peanuts or peanut butter

- seems to enjoy sucking on a binky, but only the latex nippled Nuk brand ones


- is beginning to smile

- is beginning to focus on objects and people

- still sticks out her tongue – A LOT

- has survived being picked up by her older sister (yes, 21-month old Samantha picked her up off the ottoman – thankfully Dave saw what was going on and was there to intervene before anything bad could happen)

- likes to be swaddled


all-in-all, we can’t imagine our family without this sweet, miraculous bundle of joy. she’s our precious gift from God. and tomorrow (saturday) we’re FINALLY going to get some family photos (we still don’t have ANY pictures of all 5 of us together)!

heat wave

this has been a WEIRD summer. our weather has been cold and cold and cold, with very few exceptions. this past weekend and the early part of this week were/are part of the exceptions. it was so hot on sunday that dave decided to go swimming with the kids:



and then we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream (which was our dinner – so healthy, i know!):


davey had a hot fudge sundae. samantha had a strawberry sundae (she doesn’t seem to like chocolate all that much – whose kid is she, anyway?!) dave enjoyed a snickers blizzard while i had a reeses peanut butter cup blizzard (with chocolate, not vanilla, ice cream). dave’s parents enjoyed banana splits.


and i think i have now learned that alex has a hard time about a day after i eat chocolate. so no more chocolate for me for quite some time to come!


our epic, multi-family garage sale was on friday & saturday. set-up on thursday night was overwhelming and terrifying for me. i shed tears. quite a few of them. we had so. much. stuff. 


i wish i had taken a photo on friday morning from the top of the driveway down to the bottom (or vice versa), but i didn’t. we had about 10 tables (or was it closer to 15?) set up along the edges and down the middle of the driveway. PLUS we had hanging clothing racks for 95% of our clothing and bedding. and there were 2 cribs, 2 exersaucers, 1 jumperoo, 2 office chairs, 1 desk, 1 coffee table, about 6 strollers, a TV, multiple larger baby & toddler & kid toys, and so much more stuff that didn’t fit on the table tops! we don’t even need to talk about how many 100s of books we had or how many sets of Little People toys…


here’s a look at the clothing rack on day 2 (on day 1, the whole front side of the rack was stuffed full of baby and toddler clothing): 

and here’s a look at Carrilee and Karla:

those photos were taken near the end of the sale on saturday. carrilee sold a few items, but helped us both days. the whole time. and she was tireless – always up, moving something, tidying something, talking with someone, selling something. i honestly do not know WHAT we would’ve done without her help!


on thursday night, karla and i were both thinking "this is the last garage sale we will ever do." we were both overwhelmed. completely. (it has NOTHING to do with having babies just 5 weeks ago, right?). neither of us slept much on thursday night (i got 3.5 hours). but then we got our friday sale tallies and we started saying thing like "next year…"


so all-in-all, the sale brought in about $2500 over two days for 10 different participants. our cash box was about $15 short and we had one $36 check bounce. not too bad.


wanna know what i learned?

1. don’t bring a 4-week old baby to set-up in the evening – it’s too stimulating for them.

2. be more clear about letting people sell stuff (aka: all participants have to be okayed by those in charge of the sale).

3. if a full "shift" can’t be worked by each seller, then they have to give up 30% to those who are working. if you can only work a 1/2 a shift, you have to give up 15% of your sales to those who are working full shifts.

4. everyone has to pick up their own items at the end of the sale – AND STICK AROUND until ALL things are cleared away (tables, a run to the thrift store for donations, trash removed, etc.). 

5. if taking local checks, the person who has to cash them gets 10% of the check value b/c they have to go to all the banks to cash the checks (this takes time, energy AND fingerprints & ID)!

6. clothing sells best if it’s hanging. all of it. and if it’s clearly marked.

7. make sure things are labeled clearly. sale items and signs. (masking tape works great b/c it doesn’t fall off most items – esp. clothing!)

8. if there are two sides to your clothing rack, make sure it’s clear to shoppers that there are items on the other side of the rack!!!

9. if the sale is 2 days, it’s okay to say "no deals today b/c it’s the first day of the sale." prices are as marked. and people will still buy the items. 99% of the time, anyway.

10. don’t feel bad roping off the area and saying "no sales until we open." it will help save your sanity.

11. make sure someone is ALWAYS by the cash box. and make sure the cash box does not contain ALL the cash (shove 100s, 50s and stacks of 20s into a deep pocket in your pants).

12. do not, no matter HOW busy you are, leave the cash box open. in our area, the migrant kids will try to take money out of the box (we had it happen). 

13. have someone frequently check on the clothing – moving things to the correct size section, picking up fallen clothing, etc.

14. walk the sale frequently to tidy tables and keep things looking orderly and organized.

15. have plenty of bags available for purchases.

16. have a canopy over the cash box/check out area. it’s easier for people to see and it keeps you out of the sun/rain.

17. place your check out station in the middle (off to the side) of the sale so you can best see your items and keep your eye out for theft.

18. set-up and/or assemble items so they sell better (strollers, cribs, storage racks, tents, large play structures, etc.)

19. be hyper-organized with signs for tables, buckets of items being sold, check-out lists, IOU slips (for the different sellers to buy and sell items from other people involved in the sale), etc. 

20. do an ad in the newspaper, on craigslist and place signs around town. it’s all money well spent.

21. remember to be nice, to smile and talk with people. 


i’m sure there’s more, but that’s plenty for now. i’d love to hear any tips you’ve learned over the years (either from hosting or attending sales)!




time to rest

it’s saturday night. the garage sale is over. i still have to run around town and cash checks (which means find a baby sitter so i don’t have to run into 5 banks with 3 kids!) and then finish the "money earned" tallies and divide up the money. it’s been an EXHAUSTING 2.5 days. and yesterday and today were crazy HOT (a bit unbearable today, actually), but the sale it over. i’m taking tomorrow to relax and reclaim my house (so maybe i’ll reclaim my house tomorrow and relax on monday?) and then it’s back to BUSINESS with working on alex’s announcements and thank you cards…. soon, i promise.


additionally, yesterday (firday), my sweet bundle of cute tiny-ness turned ONE MONTH. so i have to do an "Alex at One Month" blog post and photo session, too. i promise i’ll get back here with regular posts and photos now that this sale is over. 


trust me, the sale was HUGE. GINORMOUS. overwhelming, at times. but it was very successful and very well organized and i learned a few things. so i’ll be sharing some "hosting a garage sale" lessons soon, too. but now it’s time for me to rest for the evening. the laundry can wait another day to be folded… it’s already waited 3 days, what’s one more?! 

worth repeating


some conversations are worth repeating….


Davey after his nap: "I have poo"
Me: silence

D: "i can’t sit"
Me: "because you have poo?"

D: "yes. in my diaper."



Said to me just two hours later by Davey as he’s busy running around and playing with Samantha with toys cups and Sam’s toy vanity: "this is hot tea-pop. i yike hot tea pop." 



i love so many (but not all) conversations (even one-sided ones) with this crazy 3-year old boy!

birch bay

last sunday we ventured out to birch bay along with dad&mom, tom, jeff & taryn to celebrate all the JULY birthdays in our family (alexandra, davey, jeff and dave). we roasted hot dogs for dinner and marshmallows for s’mores for dessert. thanks, jeff & taryn and dad& mom for bringing the food(s)!




a few weeks ago, jeff and taryn took mom to la conner for the day to celebrate her (a belated mother’s day gift). while roaming the antique shops, jeff found this pin that reads “Virginia City Deputy Nevada Terr.” since he was born in nevada, he really wanted the pin. and then he realized it would be a great birthday gift for his 3-year old nephew. davey has no idea what a “deputy” is (uncle jeff tried to explain) but he was pretty happy with the extra attention from his uncle and auntie:


wanna see a photo of some twins? these two have the same hair-do:

 uncle jeffy loving on baby alex


and one last photo, stolen from taryn’s facebook account:



<div style=’text-align:center;font-size:11px;font-family:arial;font-weight:normal;margin:10px;padding:0;line-height:normal’><a href=’’ style=’border:none’><img src=’’ style=’width:102px;height:20px;border:none;margin:0;padding:0′><br>Birch Bay on Dwellable</a></div>


wow! it’s been a long time since i’ve blogged… my apologies to all who check here regularly! we’ve had a fairly busy week with lots of time spent away from the house.


monday – davey & samantha spent a few hours with grandpa & grandma while alexandra and i ran errands in bellingham (target, macy’s, costco and walmart). 

tuesday – davey & samantha had a morning "play date" with an older lady from our church in the morning (and i started the monumental task of cleaning our home office – ugh!)!

wednesday – davey had his 3-year check up at the doctor’s office. he weighs 27.5 lbs (2.5 pounds less than his "little" sister! and in the 10th percentile) and he’s 37.5 inches tall (1/2 an inch taller than samantha and in the 50th percentile) and has 20/10 vision (better than an eagle) and is on target developmentally with everything OTHER than potty training. additionally, i read some items that he should be doing between this visit and his next check up (at age 4) and he’s already able to do about 90% of the items on the list! 


additionally, alexandra accompanied us for that doctor’s appointment so we could do a weight check and she was up to 6 pounds 14.5 ounces. still a peanut at 3 weeks & 1 day old, but gaining weight. additionally, she’s grown an inch since birth!


that night, alex ate at 9 p.m. she was sound asleep in her bed by 10 p.m. and i didn’t hear from her until 4 a.m. that means she went 7 hours between feedings and slept for 6 hours. so i got 5 straight hours of sleep b/c i was asleep by 11. it took samantha EIGHT VERY LONG MONTHS to sleep her first 6-hour stretch. praise God alex is NOT following in her big sister’s footsteps regarding newborn/infant sleep patterns! 


thursday – davey & samantha had ANOTHER play "date" with people from church while i spent FOUR HOURS putting items on hangers and pricing items for our upcoming garage sale (next weekend the 13th & 14th). it was not a fun 4 hours for me, but it was good to get it done. and i discovered that i’m missing a bag of baby girl clothing, so if i let anyone else look through it to buy stuff and you haven’t returned it yet, please let me know…. thanks!


today was our first "at home" day of the week and we actually got in the car by 8:30 to try to find some deals at a few garage sales. it was NOT a good day (for us) for sailing, however, as we purchased almost nothing. hopefully tomorrow will yield some good finds. 


i’m looking forward to next week. we have very little on our calendar for the week AND by 1 p.m. on saturday, the garage sale will be 100% finished (including clean-up)! and even though i’m looking forward to hosting our annual garage sale with friends, i’m also looking forward to having it be O.V.E.R. 


finally, i’ve spent the better part of this week editing photos, ATTEMPTING to learn how to use photoshop to work on alex’s thank you cards AND her birth announcements (i have not yet figured out how to create EITHER one – so frustrating) and ATTEMPTING to upload my 266 photos to the photo developer we use (their site is having issues with my laptop – no matter WHAT platform i use). i’m currently in the process of selecting each photo INDIVIDUALLY from the "to order" file and then i’m uploading them in batches of 12 to the site. so it’s taken all day and i’m not finished yet. what. a pain!


hopefully i can return to regular blog posts AND more photos next week. 

6 years already

six years ago today, my gram passed away. the only grandparent i can really remember (my pop pop, her husband, died when i was in 1st or 2nd grade). it’s hard to believe it’s already been 6 years. at the same time, it’s hard to believer it’s only been 6 years. i miss her a lot. for the first 3 years, i thought i saw her – perhaps just glimpses of her – everywhere i looked. 


i still remember my weekly "sleep overs" with her before i moved across the country. i’d go visit her after work. she’d make me dinner. i’d clean the dishes and her bathroom. then we’d play games – Parcheesi and/or Rummikub, watch a movie and go to bed. She’d pack me a lunch (of left overs) the next morning and I’d go to the office. 


when she passed away, i inherited a few things: my pop pop’s coo-coo clock and my gram’s wooden spoon. my cousin, janet, inherited the much-coveted schoolhouse cookie jar:

i will NEVER forget about this cookie jar. it usually had Chips A’hoy chocolate chip cookies in it – my FAVORITE cookies as a kid. 


she never met any of my kids. (samantha is named after my pop-pop – he was Samuel James) but i am thankful – oh, so very thankful, that she was able to attend my wedding. to meet my husband (and she granted much approval over him!). and that i was able to spend some time with her in her final days.