the blessings continue

38 weeks:


THANK YOU for all of your prayers yesterday! I did not need to beg, plead or cajole at the doctor’s office. Dr. K was in TOTAL agreement with me that a trip to Seattle for an ultrasound "just to look" at the liver again was pretty silly. So she agreed to contact them and cancel my appointment and simply schedule me for an induction next week. I got the call yesterday afternoon that i’m scheduled to be induced at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 13th. if i go into labor before then, so be it. but at least now there’s something on the calendar.


and the funniest thing? that’s the SAME MORNING that my friend, Karla, is scheduled for her c-section. AND it’s the first day that our doctor is back "on" the schedule after his vacation.


so for now, while it would be nice to no longer be pregnant, knowing that there’s an end in sight AND that i do NOT have to return to seattle AND that my very own OB would be delivering this baby…. well, now i WANT to stay pregnant until next week Tuesday…. it’s a new goal!  :)


and unrelated to anything typed above, two photos of the kiddos that i found on dave’s camera:


these kids LOVE to play in our vehicles. they both get VERY UPSET when we tell them they’re "all done" playing in the Jeep or the Subaru. 


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