first play date

we had our visit from the home care nurse yesterday morning. i was a little worried about a morning visit since we’d just been seen the previous afternoon and we hadn’t had another full 24 hours for alex to be on the light bed and to gain weight. but we got the call around 1:30 this afternoon. Alex’s biliribbin level dropped again. and her weight increased (slightly) again. and we were given the "all clear" to stop phototherapy. HOORAY!


davey and samantha were napping, so alexandra and i hopped in the car (i guarantee you it was a longer process than that makes it sound!). we drove a few miles out of town to get some fresh rainier cherries at a road side stand (they weren’t there yesterday and i was quite agitated about it!) and then we had a play date with my friend Karla and her baby, Elijah, who was born about 45 minutes before Alex. and they were delivered by the same doctor. 


they both ate during their play date. and they took little naps (they were both "out cold" for awhile). and they both got diaper changes. and i took a lot of photos. but i won’t make you endure all of them. just a few:



a cool thing happened yesterday, too. dr. mora, a partner at bellingham OB-GYN, and my 2nd choice OB doctor behind dr. mallory, called yesterday to see how baby daisy was doing. seriously. he just wanted an update. he’d been thinking about her. and he’d talked with dr. mallory to learn about her birth. but he wanted to make sure nothing of medical concern/note had popped up over the first week of her life. and i think that was cool. he also asked me to please bring alex/daisy to my 6-week follow-up appointment at their office so everyone could meet my miracle baby. 


all-in-all, yesterday was a good day. today is our last day with nana (she leaves tomorrow morning) and that’s sad. i don’t know what the kids are going to do without her – how they’ll react. i don’t know what i’m going to do without her. for the past 8 weeks, i’ve been able to take a nap anytime of the day. and i’ve been able to "sleep in" in the morning. and i’ve been able to schedule appointments and come and go as i please (mostly). and that all changes tomorrow. 


we’re so thankful to my mom for giving up her life for 8 long weeks. she gave up her friends. her church. her pool. the hot (and humid) east coast weather (that she loves). her home. her mail. her car. her hobbies. her activities. her routine. her life. we honestly don’t know how we would have survived these past 8 weeks without you, mom/nana. thank you for dropping EVERYTHING to help us. to love us. to care for the kids. and hopefully you don’t feel like you’ve "had your fill" of us for the year, ‘cuz we’d love to see you again in october for samantha’s birthday!

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